Troubador More Thorns than Roses

Released: 28/10/2015

eISBN: 9780992906931

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More Thorns than Roses


This is H A Howe’s second collection of fictional stories dealing with fears and tragedies, and although often interwoven with a humorous thread, they do highlight the darker side of life. In her belief that short stories should be able to captivate the reader just as much as longer novels, this new collection does not disappoint. As Herbert Kretzmer, OBE (journalist and lyricist) said of her previous work, ‘H A Howe’s chief asset is a capacity to draw the reader in to the tales, making the reader eager to know what happens next’

 True to her style, H A Howe likes to surprise the reader – so expect the unexpected.

Here are just some of the reviews for H A Howe's publications. More can be found on her website

"Neat as a knitting pattern; dark as a closed coffin." I think captures Howe's special style. Mike Hodges Writer/director: "Get carter", " Flash Gordon"

"Mrs. Howe's chief asset is a capacity to draw the reader in to her tales, making the reader eager to know what happens next..." Herbert Kretzmer OBE, Journalist, Lyricist (wrote the words to the musical Les Miserables)

"Ms. Howe's second book of short stories, More Thorns Than Roses, certainly lives up to its title. It is definitely thorny, edgy, dark, and very eloquently written. The tales ring true and leave you wanting more as soon as possible. She is a very gifted writer." Peter Bogdanovich, film director/writer/critic/ film historian ("The Last Picture Show"), "Paper Moon", "Mask")

"Short stories doesn't quite say it. H A Howe's tales of misadventure are as brief as a moment and as fully formed as a thriller." John Nathan, journalist - The Times/The Independent/Jewish Chronicle.

"How many of us, each time we have looked at a work of art, have tried to imagine the story behind it? Within these artists' canvases lie unique worlds populated by people whose lives are a mystery to us. H A Howe has drawn us in and reinvented these worlds, flipping us back and forth through time, quite brilliantly. As each tale unfolds the author masterfully teases us, keeping us in suspense until delivering a wicked twist. H A Howe manipulates the reader with consummate skill, and so be it, these are the imaginings of a talented writer. After reading this collection of short stories, a visit to the art gallery will never be the same." - Ian Emes" "Pink Floyd 's original animator, Film Director, winner of a Palme d'or and 3 Bafta awards, Oscar and Emmy nominated

"Imaginative collection of crisply written short stories. H A Howe is a compelling story teller." Leo Barraclough -International Features Editor Variety Magazine

The author is currently working on her first novel entitled 'A Perfect System' which is due to be plublished next year.

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H A  Howe

H A Howe is a writer and lyricist. Many of her songs have been published in 29 countries worldwide. A small selection of her lyrics can be found on her website

Having started her writing career as a lyricist, she ventured into prose a few years ago and has now had three collections of short stories published. Her latest work Every Picture Inspires A Story is a collection of twenty-one stories and, as the title indicates, all of which have been inspired by (but are not based on) a particular painting. From David Hockney's Pool and Steps to Van Gogh's Two Peasant Women Digging Potatoes, the stories are as diverse as the artists' brush strokes. All of the tales have been set within the time frame of when the individual painting was created.

Whilst the featured paintings are fundamental as they have triggered the author's imagination, they are by no means necessary for the reader's understanding or enjoyment of these varied and colourful tales depicting contemporaneous adventures ranging from the 16th to the 21st century.

This is H A Howe's third collection of short stories and lacks none of her unique style that always manages to captivate, and often surprises the reader with unexpected twists.

H A Howe has also written various plays, two of which are published in this book. One of her earlier plays, an historical one, was translated into French and German and the performance rights have been licensed for production in three countries, and is being developed as a feature film. If you want to contact the author, you can email her on [email protected]

The author is currently working on a new historical play, and on her first full length novel.

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