Troubador Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Released: 28/08/2022

ISBN: 9781803132600

Format: Paperback

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall


In his new poetry collection, entitled “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, poet Jack Hastie looks into just such a mirror. What does he see: an earnest pilgrim or a naked ape? The collection is intended to reflect various aspects of his encounter with life: direct observation of Nature; reflections on the craft of writing poetry; the occasional political comment; existential speculation; and an awareness of evil.

Jack Hastie is eighty six years old and has been married for fifty six of them. He regularly presents slide shows entitled “From Abu Simbel to Akureyre” which chronicle his adventures. These have been varied: from attempting to conjure Mephistopheles by reciting a Latin incantation while burning a crucifix at dead of night, to being hailed as “God`s answer to a missionary`s prayer,” for his work in Israel. He has encountered the Brocken Spectre and has a star named after him. He has lulled children to sleep with sunny bedtime stories and has figured on Interpol`s wanted list.

All the wisdom he has harvested in the course of such a life flickers through his poetry. How does he see himself; pilgrim or ape? As for his religious convictions and his view of Man`s place in Nature – why not buy the book, study the poetry and find out for yourself?

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