Troubador Made Of Time

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788035972

Format: Paperback

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Made Of Time


How do you measure time in and around yourself? Or, is time as invisible and artificial as other sensations we assimilate? How much of the present are we prepared to abandon? Time and thought cannot be measured in the present, yet we have made them two of the pillars of our existence. Why? 

Made Of Time 
Tell me why is time and why is space 
And why we swim them bound by grace 
Rescued on the ladders of our languages 
While mathematics grins its soundless face 
Flirting with our senses as though our lover 
While all the time attentive of some other 
Weighing burdens in the cities of our thinking 
While we dream excursions or escaping 
Tell me of the forces keeping us on grounds 
The gravities of lights and air bound sounds 
All thriving in the mysteries of galaxies 
Spinning, asking if their destinies are found 
Tell me why we think with patterns made of time 
So I can know beyond this universe’s mime  

Made Of Time is the new collection of inspirational poetry from Theophanis Kleanthous, author of Drying Naked (ISBN: 9781785891366).

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