Troubador Holiday Shorts

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594039

Format: Paperback

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Holiday Shorts


Introducing Holiday Shorts, a compilation of bite-sized stories with a far wider scope than a typical short story collection! Quick to read, packed with wit and wry observations, but often set against a background which leaves plenty to think about, these stories cover it all from love and loss, history and sci-fi, wars and terrorism to family and contemporary social issues. 

Some of them are based in London where the author grew up and a number are inspired by Sussex where he now lives. They range across time from the medieval to the apocalypse, across the Earth and into the far galaxies, but all feature characters that a reader can relate to.

Perfect for the busy reader.

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Garfield Collins

Garfield Collins is a Londoner now living in Pevensey Bay (where William the Conqueror landed). A lifetime of experiences has included work as a scientist, with information technology and as an entrepreneur helping develop companies from creation to commercial viability. He has also been fortunate in much voluntary involvement in education and charity work and in amateur music and sport. Aside from this, he has a great interest in how we got here - from the big bang through to modern history. He has also travelled extensively for work and pleasure. Swimming in the sea, tennis and walking keep him fit to enjoy time with his growing family.

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