Troubador Danish Northwest

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781838590390

eISBN: 9781838599522

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Danish Northwest

Hygge Poems from the Outskirts


Danish Northwest is a poetry collection that shows “hygge” in its various aspects as practiced or rendered in the outskirts of Denmark, more precisely in the northwestern region of Jutland called Thy. The poems were originally published in Danish and in a dialect called “thybomål”.

As with any translation, the English version can be considered in a sense a new collection of poems given the adjustments and additions needed to capture the essence of the original. This new rendering has been achieved through a collaboration between the author and the Irish poet, Mary-Jane Holmes.

If I am being honest, I wasn't sure how I would feel when I began this poetry collection. The beginning was a rough start for me and I didn't see how my interpretation of Hygge translated into what I was reading. But then I continued. The more I read the more the poetry came off the page and caught my attention. It was also the first time I had laughed while reading a poetry collection which completely defied my preconceived notion of what the genre should be. It is a Hygge work, it is funny, and it is oddly fulfilling. Not at all like I expected and I am delighted by that fact.
Thank you Troubador Publishing Ltd and Peter G. Westergaard for the ARC in return for a honest review.

by Glenda

"Danish Northwest" by Peter Graarup Westergaard was a very interesting poetry collection. The collection was described as "hygge poems from the outskirts." Hygge being a word and lifestyle of the Danish that I have researched, learned about, and am currently trying to incorporate more and more in my own day to day, I was excited to read Westergaard's collection.

The poetry was translated from a Danish dialect called, "thybomål." The poetry was meant to demonstrate the "hygge" lifestyle in the northwestern region of Jutland called Thy. The poetry touches on themes of God, countrylife, globalism, immigration and other modern concerns. I found some of the poems to be universally important and thought-provoking. Others didn't "land" with me.

Overall, they were an interesting perspective from a distant land very different than my own. I enjoyed the unique voice.

by Jason

Danish Northwest is a fine collection of poems that feature language, place, and people. Literary and beautiful work I would recommend for lovers of verse.

by Dr J

A beautiful collection that's poignant, enigmatic and relatable. A doorway to the author's soul is written on these pages. Highly recommended.

by Claire

Peter Graarup  Westergaard

Peter Graarup Westergaard (b. 1975) has published the poetry collection Nordvest in 2017 in Danish. Furthermore, he has published poems and short stories in several literary magazines and written literary critique in national and local news papers. He holds an MA in comparative literature with a minor in English from Aarhus University and works as a high school teacher at a high school on Djursland in Denmark.

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