Troubador Conversations with a Muse

Released: 01/02/2009

ISBN: 9781848760455

Format: Paperback

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Conversations with a Muse


Paralysed by poetry? Clueless about the classics? Mystified by the Muses? Then this compilation is just the book for you. Written with a light touch in accessible English, it explores a variety of themes that have concerned all of us at one time or another. If you have ever been out of your depth at a conference, lost at a job fair or wondered why you should keep your powder dry, then you will immediately relate to the verses inside. Encounter Robert Frost in the woods of New England, soar with Shelley’s nightingale, embolden Keats’ knight and find out what really happened to the monster Grendel. Meet two of the Muses, members of that classical group that have stirred the artistic endeavours of poets, musicians and actors down the centuries. Immortal they may be, but here they are shown to have very human emotions and enthusiasms. Erato, muse of lyrical and erotic poetry, simply cannot take ‘no’ for an answer; her warrior sister Calliope is reduced to pleading for another epic to be written. Inside this slim volume you will find philosophy, romance and a love of nature, as well as disturbing thoughts regarding the future of our planet. Hopefully, most of the poems will raise a smile, some may linger in the mind and others provide food for further reflection.

Review comments for Conversations with a Muse.

There is something here for everyone. Some poems are amusing (I laughed out loud at a few),others are disturbing, most are witty and thoughtful. the whole sequence of "Conversations" is clever and funny.

Reading groups don't as a rule choose poetry but this would be a good choice because of the variety in style, mood and subject.

Edna Price.

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Derek Malpass

Derek Malpass spent most of his professional life working in the field of international education. He taught and administered in several European countries and was called upon to visit schools world-wide as part of a programme of school evaluation and accreditation. Now retired, he lives in Bavaria.

The author on a trip to the Austrian Alps.
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