Troubador America Awaits Us, My Lovely, and Other Stories

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781838595487

eISBN: 9781800469259

Format: Paperback/eBook

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America Awaits Us, My Lovely, and Other Stories


The stories are set in the UK, France and America.

A man sells his tin-making invention in the States. A small town in France is out on a Sunday after the long hard years of war. Liverpool women sweep the streets during the 1915 riots. There is a sense of loss and of restricted lives in a number of these stories. 

Hampstead Highgate Express

Express and Star; Shropshire Star

It was beautifully written and really evocative of a particular time and place’ – , with reference to the story ‘Ellen’.

by Emily Trahair of Planet Books

It was beautifully written and really evocative of a particular time and place’ – , with reference to the story ‘Ellen’.

by Emily Trahair of Planet Books

‘I loved Duncan, the saddest tale, imprisoned by caution, everything shrinking, brilliant end. I like the dry voice and the relentlessness of it.’

by Chris Buckton, writer, education consultant.

We really enjoyed your stories.

by Anne McDonnell of Pewter Rose Press.

A wonderful story collection! They are so touching, unflinching, melancholy. And the misplaced optimism so gently dismissed - oh dear- everybody just about holding on. You have a terrific ear for dialogue - and I like the way the language is stripped down and the characters too, stripped of more and more identity. Chris Buckton, writer, educationist.

by Chris Buckton. Writer, educationist.

A remarkable collection of stories in different settings and different periods, about ordinary people in apparently everyday situations, each of which has nevertheless its own specific history and its own poignancy. There is Derek, who uses his dog to make conversational contact with people. There is the widowed 65-yearold former actress Sarah, attending Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions and calling the cat by her husband's name of Gerry. There is Bernard, a paedophile on remand, trying pathetically to make some human contact with his wife. There is Ellen and her group of Liverpool cleaners in World War 1, carrying on after a couple of the husbands have been sunk at sea. The author is very good on descriptive detail and the observation is both sympathetic and acute, but the outstanding quality of these stories is that he has the actor's gift of writing not just from within the situation, but from within the character's own mind and in the character's own language. HIghly recommended.

by Cecil Jenkins

Christopher Owen

Christopher Owen's stories have been published in a number of literary magazines and anthologies in the UK, USA, and Ireland. An Honourable Life won 1st prize for the Final Chapters Competition, and was republished in the Final Chapters anthology by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2014.

He won 2nd prize for the Wells Festival of Literature Short Story Competition 2019, and has been short-listed for the Bridport Story Prize 2019 and for the Hammond House Publishing Prize.

He has been long-listed for the Royal Society of Literature V. S. Pritchett Short Story Prize 2018, the Dorset Short Story Prize, and for the London Short Story Prize 2018.

January 2022: His story CYRIL, EYES FULL OF DRINK has been Highly Commended (in top 5 of submissions) for THE COSTA SHORT STORY PRIZE 2021.

September 2021: His story A DAY AT THE CRICKET has made the Top 50 from almost 1100 entries in the 2021 BBC National Short Story Award with Cambridge University.

Autumn 2021: His poem ‘Ten O’clock Appointment’ – Video Consultation is in the World Poetry Anthology COOCH BEHAR PALACE কোচবিহোররোজিোড়ী

July 2021. His poem One o’clock Appointment is on the Royal Society Literature WriteAcrossLondon poetry map. See:

His plays have been produced in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and the Gulf States. His play A Family Affair won 1st prize at the RAFTA Festival, Still Waters winner at the Lost Theatre Festival and played at the Manhattan Theatre Club, USA. Laying the Turf was long-listed for the Papatango New Writing Prize and by the Bush Theatre, London, 2018. The Touch of a Butterfly's Wing was long-listed for Papatango Award. 2016. In the 1990's he toured the UK and Gulf States with his shows A Parsons Tale and Right ho, Wodehouse!

He trained at RADA, and worked in theatre, television and film for over 50 years. He featured in a number of television shows (House of Cards, Sharpe's Honour, A Perfect Spy, War and Peace.

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