Troubador The Toad Who Loved Tea

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788039970

eISBN: 9781788034234

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The Toad Who Loved Tea


“The crowd clapped as Tungtang sipped the tea elegantly from a tiny porcelain cup. They sighed as she gently swirled the tea in her mouth. They applauded as she rolled her eyes, and they cheered as she rocked from side to side, trilling 
“Why, this is toad-ily tea-licious!”

What happens when you brew together a toad who likes tea, a cruel crow, snobby customers and an ancient prediction? A strong, fragrant story full of unexpected adventures that will take you and Tungtang, the tea-loving toad, from a muddy pond to Queen Catherine’s Olde English Tea Shoppe for a real clash of cultures. Tungtang’s story of her discovery of tea and humanity will change her (and the way you look at tea) forever.

The Toad Who Loved Tea is the hilarious tale of a tea-loving toad’s unconventional journey from a muddy pond to an elegant tea shop. It will appeal to children aged 7-11, and fans of Faiz’s former books.

Faiz's book The Frog who Loved Mathematics is a finalist in the The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards. The book has also been translated into French, German and Russian.


Adorable children's book! It has bright pictures and funny names that kids will love.

by Allison Dublin

I thought this was a lovely story about a toad who followed her dream and went against everyone's warnings and proved everyone wrong and created a fantastic life for herself.

'For most toads, one of the most enjoyable ways to pass the day is to find a nice wet stone by the river, sit on it and then do is remain motionless, and at some point, an insect will fly by...only to become a tasty snack!'

Tungtang the toad would spend her days differently to other toads, she would then return and tell others about her adventures. Then one day, a crow over hears her and tells her if she wants a proper adventure then that would be to go into town. This of course frightened her but made her think if she wanted to be a true adventurer then she had to do something different.

“Why, this is toad-ily tea-licious!”

What I loved about this book was the viewpoints on humans and how we can be so erratic over simple things. How we don't like walking and use cars a lot. That we use chemicals to smell nice instead of rolling in flowers. 'humans don't like to do things the easy way'.

This is a lovely story, full of laughs, adventure, and a tale of how we can do almost anything if we put our minds to it. The things Tungtang learned to do and how the humans came to accept her more for her talent than her looks. You almost forget she is a toad. Plus the book has some amazing illustrations. These are done by Korey Scott, and just bring the book to life. This would make a great bedtime story or just time to sit with the young ones.

by Helen Carr

A great chapter book about the adventures of a Tungtang, as the title states, a toad who loves tea. The book indicates it is aimed at 7-11-year-olds. I highly agree with this. I have an 11-year-old who enjoyed reading this also. It would be a good bedtime store, read by parents, for the younger children who might not want to read a chapter book. It would also be a fun book for a teacher to read over the course of a few days. There are a few pictures which are very nice, but there are not pictures on every page as in a younger children's picture book.

by Cassandra Hillegass

Faiz Kermani’s The Toad Who Loved Tea is an adorable and funny little gem. Both children and adults alike can enjoy this quick and easy read. I absolutely loved reading about Tungtang, the adventurous toad who travels from her home in Muddy River to an elegant tea shop where she discovers her love for tea and eventually becomes an official tea-taster.

The story is both original and meaningful. I love Tungtang’s resilience and uniqueness. There is also a very smart commentary on humans and some of the ridiculous things we do.

The humour is also cleverly done and the funny names like Lord and Lady Lobsterpants are a nice touch. I also adore the illustrations by Korey Scott. They are bright, colourful and very cute. In fact, I wish there were just a few more of them because they really are a great complement to the writing.

Although I’m far past the intended age range, I love this cute and funny book. I would love to read more of Tungtang’s adventures and I will definitely be checking out more of Mr. Kermani’s books.

by Rebecca R

Having read Faiz Kermani previously, I was pleasantly surprised to encounter his newest book on NetGalley. The alliterative title promises savored sipping. Tungtang (a fun play of the tang of tea on the tongue) lives a life tea aficionados can only dream of. After summoning the courage to leave her home, she finds herself in a comfortable city habitat where she eats, sleeps, and breathes “her” teas, all while observing the strange behaviors of humans. Perfect for the little ones in your life who can sit still long enough to imbibe a hot beverage.

by Hannah Kline

I recieved a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I absolutely adored this book!
With character names such as Muddybum, Nutbelch and Lord Lobsterpants the book is sure to capture the attention of younger readers. The illustrations were cute as well.

The story was a cute adventure where a toad leaves everything she's ever known and travels to a town where she discovers the tantalizing smell and taste that is tea! I could just imagine how delicious and soothing it would be for Tungtang to sleep on a bed of tea every night.

I will definitely be purchasing this book for the younger readers in my life.

by Jennifer Muller

What happens when you brew together a toad who likes tea, a cruel crow, snobby customers and an ancient prediction? A strong, fragrant story full of unexpected adventures that will take you and Tungtang, the tea-loving toad, from a muddy pond to Queen Catherine’s Olde English Tea Shoppe for a real clash of cultures. Tungtang’s story of her discovery of tea and humanity will change her (and the way you look at tea) forever.
The Toad Who Loved Tea is the hilarious tale of a tea-loving toad’s unconventional journey from a muddy pond to an elegant tea shop. It will appeal to children aged 7-11, and fans of Faiz’s former books.
A Note From the Publisher
Away from his serious scientific day job, Faiz Kermani loves writing children’s books that have funny themes. His books have won awards in the US and UK and have been translated into French, German, Spanish and Russian. He is also involved in various literacy projects with schools.

We toad-ily enjoyed this toad-ily awesome book and we had to have tea as we drank it, of course. This is a wonderfully written book that any 7-11 year old will enjoy: characters named MuddyBum and Nutbelch will make them laugh out loud as the words are almost "dirty". (I am guessing that Muddybum will be used over and over when it comes to younger siblings who are still in diapers!) We loved the illustrations as well.
As a librarian I found it to be right up the alley of kids who will come and look for something to read - our special library is mostly kids books, adult literacy, and healthy food prep: I can see recommending this book to our ESL group to read to their kids!
Cannot wait for another book from this author!

by Janet Cousineau

Tungtang the Toad sets off from Muddy River to town where she discovers a tea shop and discovers she loves it and can't get enough of it. However, the tea shop receives complaints because of muddy tables, missing tea, and missing pastries. Will the owners figure out what is happening? Will the toad continue to enjoy tea? You'll need to read this delightful book for children to find out. I received an advance electronic copy from the publisher through NetGalley with expectations of an honest review in exchange.

by Lori Thornton

What an adorable easy chapter book for those just starting out reading on their own! THE TOAD WHO LOVED TEA is the story of Tungtang, a toad who has a great desire for adventure, and along her travels finds out she loves tea.

The story has several great lessons. It teaches to not limit one's self to what "everyone else around them" has limited themselves to. All of Tungtang's friends and family at the Muddy River are content to sit around and not move on with their lives, and when she decides she wants to go explore and see more, the majority of them mock her or tell her it is a crazy idea. Still, she persists.

Later on in the story, we meet Lydia and Kamran, who own the tea shop that Tungtang has taken up unofficial residency in. Despite the unique circumstances of her being a toad, they are willing to listen to her tale of how she came upon them, and they allow her to work for them. The book teaches to look past the outer layer.

by Jennifer Houle

This fun book is about a little frog named Tungtang who bravely hops off from Muddy River to a very scary destination... into the local town! Oh my! She seems destined to leave her familiar surroundings and have an adventure that will totally change her life forever.

As fate would have it she ends up in a unique tea shop and discovers exactly what she is created to do. She falls toad-ily in love with tea!

Tungtang causes havoc in the tea shop and the owners get scolded for mud on the tablecloths, tea that mysteriously disappears, and even missing dainties from their plates. Now who do you think would be responsible for such antics I wonder?

The owners, Lydia and Kamran uncover the mystery and after hearing Tungtang's passion for tea decide to use her talents and hire her to work in their shop. Their decision to allow Tungtang to pass on her intuitive knowledge and her ardent love of tea to their customers brings everyone involved much happiness and satisfaction.

The book encourages young readers ( and old ) to follow their dreams because yes, dreams do come true. I like the fact that the tea shop owners are willing to patiently listen to Tungtang's story and accept her as she is... for her great instinctive talents. The illustrations by Korey Scott are full of action, expression and humour.

" Why, this is toad-ily tea-licious!"

by Marilyn Panton

I was given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I thought that this book was like the authors other books a pure genius idea, the story and plot like we're absolutly amazing. The best book by far that this author has ever written to date. The illustrations were absolutely stunning and amazing. I also like the fact that the message in the story is you may be different but follow your dreams, no matter what people think even when they think you're wrong.

by Amazon review

This was a very different story about a toad than what one might suspect. Tungtang the toad liked adventure. She was not content to sit in the pond everyday, she went off on adventures. When sharing a story with her friends, a bossy, bullying crow came along and starting teasing her and throwing acorns at her. The other toads began to doubt her stories. When she was challenged to go to town, she decided she would follow her dreams and head off. At this point, she is not sure what to do in the unfamiliar surroundings and ends up in a tea shop. She tasted some tea and decides she likes it. She learns about tea, the english language and almost becomes civilized while living there. Unfortunately for the owners, sipping other's tea. eating their pastries and leaving mud on the table upset customers and the owners almost lost the shop. They set a trap and eventually caught Tungtang. Imagine their surprise when she could talk and tell them about the tea. Fortunately for them, she became their tea taster and saved their shop.

There was a lot of humor in this story at the expense of humans. Talking about houses and cars was a hoot and then using expensive perfume instead of just rolling around in the things that mother nature provides made me chuckle. This was a fun story with adventure and humor. It shows kids that sometimes we have to ignore the nay sayers and follow our dreams. The illustrations were large and colourful. I would have liked to see more of them, but they added to the story well. This would be a cute chapter book for those early chapter readers as well as a good read aloud for younger children. This would be a good book in a family, classroom or school library. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

by Carla Johnson-Hicks

This book was Toad-ily Cute! I thought that it would be a shorter book but was pleasantly surprised that it had many chapters, albeit short ones! Kids are going to love this one!

I did not like the names of the animals though and I think they could have been more thought out and more memorable. They were so bad that I have already forgotten half of them and the main character Tungtang's Grandfather named Nutbletch is probably the worst!

I really enjoyed the well-versed poems throughout the book and I am sure children will enjoy reading them and rhyming about the silly toad who loves tea! I thought the illustrations were adorable and coincided with the pages accordingly as well! I think this author has a thing for frogs and toads but he does a great job showing them in a nonscary. slimy way.

by Brandy Pendergrass

I really enjoyed this book especially as I also share a passion for a good cup of tea. My 8yr old read it after me and didn't find it to difficult to read or understand and loved the pictures. This is a lovely tale of a young toad who plucks up the courage to leave the riverbank to go on an adventure and finds a new home in a fancy tearom in the city where she descovers a new love for tea.

by Charlotte Steer

Rhyming couplets set the scene for this kiddie romp, featuring a creature exactly as described in the title. But first we see how the toad brags about her adventures until challenged by a crow with the aim of a Cy Young winner, who then bullies the toad into going to a town full of—gasp—humans!

The Eeyore of this group is named MuddyBum. Awesome. The rest of them are as gullible and easily swayed as. . . well, humans. Tungtang is a bit of a sneak and doesn’t care about the havoc she causes. Other great names include Lord and Lady Lobsterpants and Brittanicus.

Best part was the on-point description of smoking, as well as the awesome town slogan: “The town where our smiles make up for the constant rain.”
Fun, and funny.

by Paul Franco

I do enjoy a good adventure, and this is what this is. Faiz Kermani, the author, has plotted a fun and, often, very exciting children’s novel. But not only that, he’s given the reader an array of interesting characters to follow and framed everything in an accessible style of writing.

The story follows a brave toad called Tungtang who enjoys exploring the river banks. But when a cheeky crow insults him, he sets off on an even bigger adventure. The story is pretty non-stop and, for the most part, is well-plotted with plenty of twists and turns to keep any young adventure-addict happy.

I was particularly impressed by the style of writing. Many authors tend to describe setting and characters in hefty lumps of text. This might work for adult novels but it can kill a children’s book. Thankfully, this author is wise to this, cleverly mixing up speech, exciting deeds and the describing of character and setting. Subsequently, the writing felt light and not at all like wading through cauliflower-cheese. And, where there is description, it is imaginatively written.
There are a few tiny problems with the story. For example, in the opening poem, although the rhyming is good, the rhythm is not. As a result, it is rather awkward to read. Also, the author is a little too addicted to the exclamation mark, so it often feels like the characters are shouting when, in truth, I don’t think they always are.

Now to the illustrations. For my daughter (who also read the book), they were the best part of the story. Yes, she enjoyed the plot, characters and settings, but it was the colourful, even
delightful drawings that had her enthralled. There are plenty too, and they, along with the lightly written story, kept her enthralled all evening.

I would think any parent who is looking for a lightly written, fun-filled, adventure story for children aged 6 – 9 would find this book fits the bill perfectly. Also, there’s a lovely theme of ‘bravery and adventure’ to the novel that parents will be happy to share with young children.
Colorfully illustrated and with plenty happening to keep a child amused, it might prove very popular at bedtime.

by The Wishing Shelf

I loved this book, as an adult reading a (young) children's book it can be a bit boring, but I truly enjoyed it. And I didn't stop reading it until it was finished, because I was curious what would happen next. It was an easy/quick read but not too easy. I think this book is witty and original. There are funny names in here (such as "Blabberbreath", "Eggbelly" and "Muddybum"). It's funny and interesting to see how the toads think about the human world and human behaviour (and it sounds plausible). And I think this book is especially nice for tea-lovers, because it has some depth there, for example about pairing teas with cakes. Now I want to try them all ;) The drawings are wonderful too, I think it really adds to the story. Last but not least, I think it will also help raising awareness of toads and protecting them.

I'm giving this children's book a 9/10 because it's enjoyable for every age (I think it's not easy to write such a book).

Tungtang the toad sets out on an adventure, as the first toad ever to go to the human world. Will she make the old prophecy true? And what about the struggling tea shop?

by FinalsEnd

I have many a tea party with my grandkids so this was particularly popular in my house. They laughed all the way through and I think, at last count, we've read it about a gazillion times! Well done, Faiz Kermani, it's "adult " enough to not drive me batty and it's young enough to entertain the younger ones.

by Janice Bell

We liked this story and the pictures too. There was more to this story than we thought there would be and we found it interesting.

by Charity Howard (via NetGalley)

The Toad Who Loved Tea by Faiz Kermani is a lovely children's picture book. Tungtang is a toad who lives in the English countryside. Though she stays by the riverside she is no ordinary toad. She hates staying still day in day out waiting for a snack to fly by. Instead she has an adventurous streak a mile wide. And whenever she comes back from exploring she loved sharing stories with her friends. She believes she's the most daring toad in the world until a naughty crow makes fun of her adventures. Goaded beyond her endurance she sets of on trip that will change her life forever.

I found this book totally hilarious and unique. Tungtang is an intriguing character with naive and many times skewed view about humans that makes for interesting scenarios in this story. I loved the illustrations in this book. Young readers will definitely enjoy reading this one.

by Grace Ashley (via Goodreads)

Omg this was such a cute book! A tea drinking frog? Yes please! The illustrations were gorgeous and the plot was delightful. Anyone who loves animals and whimsy will really enjoy it.

by Colleen McKie

Adorable Story. There are so many powerful gems in this book. Never put a limit to your dreams. Doubts may come but they don't last forever.

by Book Referees (via NetGalley)

Faiz Kermani

Faiz loves to write funny children's books. Over the years he has been lucky enough to share childrens' enjoyment in his books when working with schools on literacy and reading projects. He has also received some great reviews, awards and media coverage. His books have been translated into French, Spanish, German and Russian.

Everything in daily life provides some inspiration for the wacky characters in Faiz’s books - even his serious day job. In fact, some of the craziest and funniest ideas have popped into his head while he has been working on something completely unrelated to children's books!

Faiz enjoys writing about what he thinks his young family and their friends would like and find funny. He hopes that his books help bring the joy of reading to life for children and their families.

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