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The Toad Who Loved Tea

by Faiz Kermani
Released: 28th January, 2018
A children’s comedy book – for ages 7-11 and beyond.
Featuring an avant-garde amphibian and a unique adventure.

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“The crowd clapped as Tungtang sipped the tea elegantly from a tiny porcelain cup. They sighed as she gently swirled the tea in her mouth. They applauded as she rolled her eyes, and they cheered as she rocked from side to side, trilling 
“Why, this is toad-ily tea-licious!”

What happens when you brew together a toad who likes tea, a cruel crow, snobby customers and an ancient prediction? A strong, fragrant story full of unexpected adventures that will take you and Tungtang, the tea-loving toad, from a muddy pond to Queen Catherine’s Olde English Tea Shoppe for a real clash of cultures. Tungtang’s story of her discovery of tea and humanity will change her (and the way you look at tea) forever.

The Toad Who Loved Tea is the hilarious tale of a tea-loving toad’s unconventional journey from a muddy pond to an elegant tea shop. It will appeal to children aged 7-11, and fans of Faiz’s former books.

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