Troubador Reggie’s Best Week Ever!

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130002

eISBN: 9781800466746

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Reggie’s Best Week Ever!


Reggie’s Best Week Ever! is the first story about Reggie, a young rat who is on a mission to convince everyone that rats can be good friends and are not like they always seem to be portrayed in stories or on the TV. 

He thinks of a plan involving, firstly, cheering people up with some free treats, then working hard to make everyone’s lives easier by doing all their outstanding odd jobs. This leads to an invitation to some public-speaking at the local school which Reggie accepts instantly but then has second thoughts and struggles to get to sleep worrying himself terribly that he might mess it all up and not even be able to speak. Fortunately, some funny family videos help break the ice and at the end of his presentation, not only do the children and teachers really like Reggie, he and his whole family are invited to a picnic, which for rats, is like winning the lottery! 

The contented rats have full tummies and the children and teachers have learned an important lesson – that just because someone looks or seems different, they can still become a friend. A beautifully thought-out children's book for ages 0 - 5 that aims to teach children to be careful that they aren't judging someone from what others say about them or appearances but learning to develop an independent mind and ideas based on their own impressions.

Reggie’s Best Week Ever! by Sarah Woodcock is a very cute and important story for young readers. Reggie is a rat and he knows that he’s a rat. Reggie sets out to change peoples perception of rats by doing random acts of kindness. Reggie’s Best Week Ever! is all about teaching kids that everyone has a part to play to impact our world for good, that the part that they play is important and matters to the people around them. This book would be perfect to read for any type of story time. I highly recommend this book!

Original review:

by NetGalley review

A sweet story about Reggie the rat who wants to change people’s perception of his species.
The story has a message about kindness, helping others and challenging stereotypes.
It is written in a cheerful rhyming style and has a positive ending which young children will enjoy.

by Kerry Mc

My two children (6 and 2) loved reading “Reggie’s Best Week Ever”. So much so, in fact, that it’s become a regular bedtime pick. This wonderful story comes packed with well drawn and colourful illustrations. Unlike many children’s stories told in rhyme, the rhythm is great and my 6 year old enjoyed trying to read it herself.
The message of the story is an important one, and me and my children enjoyed talking about it after finishing the story for the first time. We all look forward to reading more stories about Reggie!

by L Cooper

I liked this story because it is a nice story about a creature that normally children might be frightened of and he is very generous. I thought the rhyming worked well and the pictures and story were gentle enough for a bedtime story

by Ann Marshall

We all loved Reggie's Best Week Ever! I read it with my nieces and nephew ages 2 and 5. I always enjoy reading rhyming stories as they have a nice rhythm, and even better the story has a moral, to not judge people by how they look, or other peoples opinion of them. The story is really well though out and written, to teach as well as entertain, and the illustrations are big and bold and really captured the children's attention. I would 100% recommend this book.

by Cath L

What a lovely story! My son loved it and a great message for all of us! Wonderful pictures to go with wonderful words!! Would totally recommend.

by Lucy Robinson

What a refreshing ,wonderful children's book!
We really enjoyed reading about reggie the rat.

What will reggie do next?!…….

by Vicki Peacock

My daughters 5 & 7 loved it!
They can’t wait to read about what Reggie gets up to next!

by Kristy leach

What a great story. Perfect for a bedtime story and lovely drawings to look at too!

by Lynda Rhodes

What a lovely story and the illustrations are charming. Its a book that every parent / grandparent of a young child will want to buy. And its written in verse which children will love.

by Ron Kann

I am a primary school teacher and my first encounter with this excellent book was when I read it to my class. The children found it really engaging and were able to identify with the main character Reggie. This is a delightful story which I also have read to my daughter aged 4 and been reading everyday since. A highly recommended, lovely story.

by Justyna Podraza

A great book to help teach anyone not to judge a book by its cover and to be accepting of all with wonderful illustrations that bring the story to life.

by Pamela J

A really lovely, positive story book for kids!
My 6 year old thought the characters and the rhyming was great, he enjoyed reading it independently aswell as being read too. At the end of the book, my son said 'you should never judge someone on how they look, you must always be friendly to them and make them feel welcome!'.

by Claire S

My 4 year old really enjoyed this book. It delivers an important message about not judging a book by its cover and being kind. A lovely story!

by Vicky

Excellent book - highly recommended.

by Chris

Such a sweet book with an import story line can’t wait to read more

by Samantha

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