Troubador Larry at Number 10

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461789

eISBN: 9781800468887

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Larry at Number 10


Awesome (some might say paw-some) Larry is Top Cat at Number 10 - that is until his boss, the Prime Minister, gets a dog called Dilyn. If you can even call this ridiculous puppy a dog. For one thing, he chases his own tail, guzzles sausage-strings and chews things to pieces. How paw-thetic! 

For another, Larry is chief mouser at Number 10, head of paw-trolling and champion window-ledge sitting (note: this is for lookout purposes, NOT catnapping). Larry is important and the hero of the mouse catching scoreboard. So what possible job can dopey Dilyn do?  

His whiskers out of joint, Larry tries (and fails) to put Dilyn in the doghouse - but then catastrophe strikes as a cat-burglar breaks in and cat-napps Larry! Can Dilyn rise to the occasion and save the day? And if he does, will Larry give his a-paw-logies?  

Based on the real cat and dog team living at Number 10, this charming picture book is a treat to read for any child aged 0 - 5 - and their parents, too!

The Daily Star

Lou Treleaven

The illustrations in this book are so delightful and they garner a full five stars for me. They are adorable, whimsical and hilarious for both adults and children.

This is Larry, the cat that lives with Boris of the UK. Yes that Boris with the crazy Andy Warhol hair.
Larry is wanted by Queen Lizzie to be her mouser but he is devoted to Boris. Larry is also super competitive with other elite cats and is horrified when Boris also gets a puppy who eats sausages.

Oh no Larry won't have that but you have to see what happens !!

The language is full of kitty talk and the little ones will giggle with glee. Suitable for everybody but especially children aged 4 to 6 !!

So sweet, so fun ! Miao Miao Miao !

by NetGalley review

Larry is known to and loved by many. He is the cat at Downing Street. This title with many cat words (pawtrol, clawful, meowsic and more) is adorable. The illustrations add to the experience of enjoying this title..

Find out what Larry does as he meets his many responsibilities. Watch his reaction when that interloper Dilyn enters the family. See how they work out their relationship.

The story is cute and has a nice message of learning to get along with others. I think that kids will enjoy this one and so will their adults.

by NetGalley review

Larry at Number 10 by Elizabeth C. Radcliffe immediately caught my fancy with its charming cover and witty blurb. Unfortunately, I was unable to download this file, but remain hopeful that Larry will cross my path in the very near future. The young animal lovers in my life will surely fall hard for this 'chief mouser', one half of the real cat and dog duo currently residing at Number 10. Four very promising stars.

by NetGalley review

Oh. My. Gosh.

Larry at Number 10 is an amusing book about a cat named Larry whose boss is Boris Johnson.

For one, the illustration of Boris Johnson is absolutely hideous. Hilariously hideous. Add in amusing cat puns, sassy cat attitude and a great story and you've got one awesome book. I really thought this was amusing and I enjoyed every second of it. I think this is a great comedy book for those seeking some fun and a goofy story about a cat trying to get along with a dog.

Four out of five stars.

by NetGalley review

"Larry at Number 10,' by E. C. Radcliffe, is the story of Larry, cat-in-charge at Number 10 Downing Street. We follow Larry's exploits as chief mouser among his rivals/contemporaries, such as Gladstone and Palmerstone. Larry is definitely at the top of his game, and rules the Prime Minister's roost. One day, though, there's a new face. Will Larry remain the terror of the mice, or will he be voted out of office?

The story is fun and funny, and the illustrations are very good. Larry's mischievous nature shines through on every page. There is one image of Boris, but that's the only detraction from an otherwise very enjoyable book.


by NetGalley review

Larry at Number 10 was a fun read for me. It follows Larry the cat and his daily life living in London. I am an avid cat-lover and really enjoyed the fantastic kitty word puns like meowsic and pawful. I like the message that the book presents and think that parents reading to their kids can dissect the book and ask kids why they think the author wrote it and what they got from it. I think it is a little slow for younger readers to read by themselves at points but with good narration and a bit of spice from the reader, it can be engaging.

by NetGalley review

Larry the Cat is a megastar - cheekily posing daily for the political photographers at Downing Street and amusing his many Twitter followers with his witticisms. I have been a fan for years.

Now Elizabeth C. Radcliffe and Dave Hill have created this delightful picture book for children (and Larry’s fans) in which Larry details his life with his current Boss, including the arrival of Dilyn, the PM’s little dog. Yet Larry leaves no doubt as to who’s really in charge!

This was so sweet, with charming illustrations throughout. Hill’s Boris Johnson had me in tears of laughter.

A purrfect book to either be read aloud to young children or to encourage their own reading.

by NetGalley review

This is the story of Larry, who lives in the UK with Boris. He is the most "PAWsome" mouser -- so good, his services are even desired by the Queen of England. Life is good. But then Dilyn the Dog shows up. What a "CATastrophe"! Things couldn't get worse... or could they? You'll need to read "Larry at Number 10" to find out.

The story is adorable, and full of "cat-speak". The illustrations are cute and colorful, enhancing the story perfectly. This one will be fun for storytimes and solo reading, with a great moral about getting along with others and working together.

by NetGalley review

I'm a fan of Larry and thoroughly enjoyed this story.
It's sweet, full of humor and wonderful illustrations.
If you are a cat lover you will surely enjoyed it.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine

by annarella

I'm a fan of Larry and thoroughly enjoyed this story.
It's sweet, full of humor and wonderful illustrations.
If you are a cat lover you will surely enjoyed it.
Highly recommended.

by NetGalley review

This a wonderful illustrated tale of Larry the cat when a new occupant moves into Number 10. It is a fun story which will have you laughing. It introduces the confusing topic of who is Boris Johnson and where/what is number 10 with a fun and cute character in the form of Larry the cat and his new canine companion. It also tackles the issue of making new friends and how people aren't always as they seem.

by NetGalley review

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