Troubador Jas ’n’ Nini

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800463745

Format: Paperback

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Jas ’n’ Nini

Trip to the Museum


Jas ’n’ Ni-ni trip to the museum, follows the exploits of 2 modern characters - sisters Jas and Ni-ni on a trip to the museum.

Ni-ni is a cute imaginative but curious and mischievous character who's always inadvertently getting into trouble. Her elder sister Jas, is super smart and good with technology which often comes in handy for when they find themselves in a sticky situation. The trip to the museum is no different.

Jas has been asked along on the trip as a chaperone to her younger, spirited and spontaneous little sister. Everyone is excited to visit the museum full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, but things soon take a more unexpected turn as Ni-ni’s fascination with a Brontosaurus sets off a chain of crazy events.

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