Troubador Aya and Papaya Learn to Imagine

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591106

eISBN: 9781838596712

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Aya and Papaya Learn to Imagine


When Aya woke up, she heard the gentle pitter patter of raindrops on her window. Pulling the curtains back, Aya discovers a very grey day outside. 

Splish splash! Aya plays in the puddles with her best friend Papaya. It is very hard work and Aya soon feels tired. She is sad because everything is soaking wet and she has nothing to do.

But her big brother, Faz, helps her to use her imagination and think of new ways to have fun. 

Praise for Aya and Papaya Find Happiness
“Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to read.” – Vidyasury
“An adorable little book.” – Book Daydreamer

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Brilliant Books by Helen Wendy Cooper

This series of books continue to improve each and every time. This one did a good job of bringing some variety in the page organizations/canvas. It also had a good story with an interesting message about the importance of imagination for kids to be able to play and occupy themselves. Well done!

by Etienne

Aya and Papaya learn to imagine. A book about a sweet little girl and her dolly who have to learn how to use imagination on a wet a rainy day.

This is an adorable story. I loved the colors and the images. The ideas Aya and her big brother Faz came up with were so fun and kept them so busy they didn’t even notice when the rain stopped.

by Leah

This is a super-fun series of picture books! Join Aya, her doll Papaya and her big brother Faz in this cute family oriented story about rainy days that can be joyfully transformed through use of your active child’s imagination. Highly recommend!

by Producervan E

A wonderfully illustrated book. The characters are brought to life off the pages.
Aya wants to play outside but its raining. Her big brother Faz shows her how to use her imagination to play inside and have fun. She enjoys herself that much she doesn't realise its stopped raining.

by Catherine

A cute book with a lesson my daughter is growing to need. At 2.5 years old, my daughters imagination is just starting to take off. This would be a great book to read to her to introduce her to the idea of imagination and keeping herself busy. It would also "normalize" it and give her an example of other kids imagining play. Positive peer pressure, if you will! I also love that the dolly plays a roll in this book.

by Natalie

Aya and Papaya Learn To Imagine is a lovely book about Aya who decides there is nothing to do in the rain until her brother comes home to help her use her imagination. This is a great story and I particularly liked seeing all the imaginative things they came up with but at times I did find the story a little repetitive. The illustrations in the book are beautiful and so full of colour, the illustrations even made the rain look appealing! We really enjoyed this book and would read more of this kind in the future!

by Jade

Aya, her doll Papaya and her family are back in this new adventure. It is raining and Aya is bored. There is nothing to do because she can't go outside. When she is lamenting that there is nothing to do, her big brother Faz arrives home and announces that after he cleans up he will play with Aya and Papaya. With his help, Aya uses her imagination and they find all sorts of things to do and have a lot of fun. This is a cute book about imagining, family and being to open to suggestions from others. I have been reading this series to my grandchildren and they love spending time with Aya and her family. The illustrations are very child friendly with large, colourful images. My one question about this one is that in previous books, Aya sure had a good imagination, yet in this one, it seems to have vanished. The grandchildren didn't seem to take any notice though. A cute story and a fun series for family libraries.

by Carla

I thought that this book was lovely and full of ideas on how to have fun indoors when it is raining outside.
My daughter is called Ava so when we read the book together it is Ava instead of Aya that we read (the font does make it look very similar) and she loves it even more.
I loved the images, it is very easy to read and follow and my daughter loved it.

by Donna

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