Troubador Aya and Papaya Keep Trying

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838592240

eISBN: 9781838597283

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Aya and Papaya Keep Trying


Aya wakes up with a big smile on her face. Today she is going to the beach with her family! Hat, suncream, towel, bucket, spade… Aya collects up all the things she will need for the beach. She quickly fetches Papaya. It’s time to leave.

At the beach, Aya builds a big sandcastle. But a huge wave washes up on the beach and eats Aya’s sandcastle, mouthful by mouthful. Aya is very sad, until she had an idea to build the biggest and strongest sandcastle in the world.

Praise for the Aya and Papaya series: 
‘Beautifully illustrated and so full of colour. Perfect to hold the attention of little readers.’ – Our Little Escapades
‘This charming book should be owned by all parents and grandparents.’ – That’s Books
‘What a delightful book!’ - Vidyasury

That's Books

This book is very cute, and my four year old loved the story. It was a nice book for me to read too.

by Linda

What A Child Will Love: The main character, Aya is very relate-able for a young child. She is excited about her beach trip, she has a special toy that she must find, and she gets sad when something is ruined. My daughter really enjoyed the fun sandcastle building in this story and the imagination that Aya used to make it a special castle.

What I Loved: Aya's sadness over her sandcastle being ruined by a wave was expertly handled by her family. It gave a child a nice solution to a problem. At the end of the book, the author recapped what had happened at the beach and Aya recalled what she did to make it better. I thought it was a nice ending to remind a child of how they can turn a problem into something new.

To Read or Not To Read: This book is age appropriate for pre-k through maybe 2nd grade. The book features imagination, problem solving, and family.

What's This Book About Anyway?
Aya wakes up so excited for Beach Day! She must first find her special doll Papaya, and then she's ready to go! Aya and her family have a picnic breakfast at the beach and then spend time making sandcastles. An enormous wave comes and takes out her beautiful castle. Aya is heartbroken. Her family helps her to make it ok and they build an even bigger sandcastle in a better location. They decorate it and pretend to be royalty. It's a fun story with a nice lesson.

by BreeAnn

Cute simplistic art style, the story is cute too, great book for a read along with kids.

by Bella

A wonderful tale about perseverance and never giving up. A really good story with a nice moral. The illustrations were cute too. Fab book.

by Amanda

A very cute, easy to follow, and beautifully illustrated story about never giving up! Good for the little ones :)

by Queen

I have read a few books now with Aya and Papaya and this was another good addition to the series.

I liked that the focus was on if at first you don’t succeed, or things go wrong, pull your socks up and go again. It has a really positive message for young children and I really liked that about the book.

The images are lovely and the character Aya is quite like my daughter, Ava so naturally that has become the name of the main character in the book! It is 4 stars from me for this one – highly recommended!

by Donna

The Aya and Papaya series is cute and always has a lesson for young children. This one has the family heading off to the beach. We see the family getting ready for this anticipated outing. When Aya and Papaya build a sandcastle, Aya is excited, until a wave washes it away. Aya gets very upset and her sister steps in to help her understand what happened and that they can try again. Of course the whole family gets in on building a new castle. The illustrations are bright and colourful and my granddaughter always enjoys them. I found the text in this one a bit more difficult for younger children to understand and I had to explain what they were saying to my granddaughter. My grandson kept asking where the mom was, as she was mentioned but we didn't see her and when Aya got upset, it was her sister that helped her not mom, which is what he was expecting. Not a big issue, just something that caused the flow of the story to stop as he kept asking. It gave me the opportunity to talk about older brothers and sisters helping which was nice as he is the oldest of three. Overall, this was another cute entry into this series.

by Carla

What an adorable book! I loved the illustrations and I think it teaches a very important message to children. Had my niece been in the age demographic of this book, I would've gladly purchased this for her.

by Lucy

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