Troubador Heilende Energie für Pferde

Released: 18/04/2017

eISBN: 9781788032117

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Heilende Energie für Pferde

Jeder kann heilen lernen


Jeder kann heilen lernen. Jeder kann seinem Pferd zu mehr Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden verhelfen – und zwar mit seiner eigenen Heilenergie. Wie das Heilen mit den Händen funktioniert und was auch Ungeübte mit Hilfe dieser uralten Heilkunst bewirken können, vermittelt Margrit Coates ganz praktisch und gleichzeitig bewegend: Der Weg ins Innere des Pferdes. Wie Sie eine Heilbehandlung geben. Heilen mit Chakren. Fallgeschichten.

Tiere ganzheitlich helfen und sie wirklich verstehen mit Margrit Coates.

Margrit Coates ist ein weltbekannte Pferde-Energetikerin und Tierkommunikatorin . Sie setzt sich weltweit für das Wohl der Tiere ein. Margrit ist als Mitglied in verschiedenen spirituelle Organisationen tätig.

Praise for this book :

‘We are only just beginning to understand how to truly communicate with our animal friends and teachers. Animals give us everything; this book helps us learn how to receive and give back. I recommend it.’ Peter Egan, actor and animal rights advocate

‘The voice of Margrit Coates should be heard by everyone, for it will change their lives and those of their non-human partners. With a mix of intuition, observation, compassion and commitment, Margrit opens the door to a better world.’ Jenny Seagrove, animal-welfare champion, founder of Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary

‘Learn from a woman who has opened up the fascinating world of animals.’ Marc Bekoff, author of The Animal Manifesto

Review from Adele Wells -
All of Margrits books are priceless gem, opening our eyes wide to the wisdom we can learn from observing and interacting with animals.
However for me, The Voice Of Animals is Margrits best book to date.
In a world where Humans dominate the animal kingdom , how refreshing, unique and stimulating it is that Margrit effectively reverses this clouded reality, by giving a voice back to the animals.
Margrits gift is her ability to portray Cosmic truths that may go unnoticed by the masses, in a digestible way.
The Voice Of Animals is revolutionary in its concepts, and has the deeper potential to alter our very consciousness as to alternative sources of healing.
I treasure my copy of The Voice Of Animals, and would highly recommend it as THE one book everyone wishing the World to regain some equilibrium, to read.

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Margrit Coates

Margrit Coates is the world's leading animal healer and communicator and the author of several books on the topic. Highly sought after for consultations and teaching, Margrit's experience includes lecturing part time for seven years at Southampton University UK, giving workshops the Open Center,New York,USA and teaching animal healing at the College of Psychic Studies London for their Diploma in Healing. Margrit has featured in over 50 publications world-wide and she makes regular TV and radio appearances. TV features include Animal Roadshow and Pet Nation. In 2002 Margrit was the Pets Corner columnist for the Daily Mail newspaper.

Previous titles include: Healing for Horses, Hands-On Healing for Pets, Horses Talking, Connecting with Horses, Angel Pets, Communicating with Animals - How to Tune into them Intuitively.

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Margrit Coates

Margrit Coates with animal friend
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