Troubador Six Kinds of Love

Released: 28/03/2021

ISBN: 9781800462564

Format: Paperback

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Six Kinds of Love


Can the Ancient Greeks help us to understand ourselves a little more? English has only one word for ‘love’, which has to cover a multitude of meanings, whereas the Ancient Greeks had a whole range of words to describe the different kinds of emotions which we in the 21st Century can only call ‘love’. 

This collection of monologues will make you both smile and cry as you listen to the characters describing their experience of love and life.

Parental love that knows no bounds is explored here, alongside infatuated love, obsessive love, practical love that leads people to take on roles they did not perhaps wish for themselves, selfless, altruistic love for mankind and of course, romantic love that can be felt when you realise you have met your perfect soul mate.

Sweet, gently humorous and occasionally poignant, this collection of monologues brings together a series of writings which speak to everyone.

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