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Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800464797

eISBN: 9781800466289

Format: Paperback/eBook

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More Audio Drama

10 More Plays for Radio and Podcast


More Audio Drama is the second collection of plays by Neville Teller, intended both for lovers of radio drama and for podcast producers who specialise in audio drama.

Neville is a veteran radio dramatist, with more than 50 BBC radio plays under his belt and scores more produced and broadcast across America by the San Francisco-based Shoestring Radio Theatre. 

Back in 2019 he published his first collection of ten radio plays, Audio Drama. They have been so welcomed that he decided to make another ten available. Here they are – 10 more of Neville’s plays for radio and podcast, all of which have been produced and broadcast. As in his first book, these scripts are offered to podcast producers with no strings attached. The books on which they are based are all literary classics in the public domain. No performance rights are required.

Whether you are a podcast producer seeking fully realised audio drama scripts, or one of the worldwide listening audience who love radio drama with its power to create images in the mind’s eye, More Audio Drama is a book to treasure and enjoy.

This is something a little different, and is for a niche audience. It should nicely fulfill a need for those seeking audio plays. Even though this is different than short stories, I suspect many short story fans will like this. Otherwise, this is a nice set of stories to enjoy on their own.

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