Troubador Creative Photography

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590543

Format: Paperback

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Creative Photography


Creative Photography will provide photographers with a range of techniques that will inspire and give them confidence to experiment with their own photography. The first half of the book covers the latest in-camera techniques including the use of Long Exposures, Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposures. The methods are clearly explained with images demonstrating the results possible and ideas on how to move their creativity forward. 

The second half demonstrates what can be achieved using Photoshop. Here the emphasis is on understanding layers and layer masks which are employed by the program. These are clearly explained and followed by suggestions of how to apply them. The current trends in creative photography are looked at with advice and tips on the methods involved.  

Using this book a photographer will be able to develop and enhance their own particular style. Both new and experienced photographers will find it invaluable in giving them the skills and motivation to try something new, to experiment and to have fun in the process.

Highly recommended. A great read for any photographer keen to try a more creative approach. Lovely images and easy to follow. After reading this book I am inspired to try some different techniques. This would make a super present for any photographer wishing to develop and enhance their own style to produce amazing photos !


Linda Wevill

Linda Wevill is a creative photographer specializing in the landscape, although she enjoys capturing a diverse range of images from still life to travel. She is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and is on the Licentiate Distinction Panel. She has had her work exhibited widely both within the UK and internationally, including at the Royal Albert Hall, the National Theatre and the Oxo Gallery in London and at the Huangshan Yixian International Festival in China. She has had her images and articles published in numerous photographic magazines and other publications.

Linda achieves a soft painterly effect in her photography and always aims to portray the essence of a place. She enjoys experimenting with techniques whether in-camera or during processing, by varying shutter speeds at the time of shooting or using texture layers in Photoshop. Her aim is to express a personal depiction of her environment, to capture the atmosphere of the scene and the vision she is trying to convey.

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