Troubador The Madam Who Pulled Up The Drawbridge

Released: 28/05/2015

ISBN: 9781784623531

Format: Paperback

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The Madam Who Pulled Up The Drawbridge

and other London stories


Retired teacher and London guide, Terence Jenkins gives us glimpses of a London you thought you knew. In bite-size chunks we are introduced to nymphs, nereids and Oceanides, we visit the glorious cathedral of the suburbs, meet 'Brandy Nan' who had 8 children, none of whom survived and thereby led to the present House of Windsor being our reigning dynasty. We discover J. M. W. Turners' secret dockside 'snuggery' and find out what 'squabs' are and why they once formed part of our diet. Our capital city's hidden history is revealed to us (with illustrations) in an entertaining way.

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