Troubador England’s Anglo-Saxon Heritage

Released: 28/06/2022

ISBN: 9781803131641

Format: Paperback

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England’s Anglo-Saxon Heritage

A County-by-County Exploration


The Anglo-Saxons held sway in this country from the Romans departing until the Norman Conquest; a period of over 600 years: in other words the same length of time from the late medieval England of the War of the Roses until the present day. This Anglo-Saxon legacy has endured. They gave us our language, place names, an English identity and an administrative system of dividing the country into shires which is still with us today.  

This Guide brings the tremendous accomplishments of the Anglo-Saxons to life. It is written in an accessible and clear way and is aimed at the general reader but could also be used as a springboard to more advanced study. The book is presented in two parts. Part One is an overview of the course of events in Anglo-Saxon England. Its purpose is to put Part Two into context. Part Two is a richly illustrated place-by-place exploration of what there is to see and enjoy today of the Anglo-Saxon world. 

The book is designed to be used in the field by those who enjoy exploring our country with guide book in hand, as well as by the armchair reader. All well-known places are described, from the magnificence of Bede’s Jarrow and Monkwearmouth, to the wonderful churches at Brixworth and Earl’s Barton. As well as the famous, more secret and hidden treasures are described from the fells of Cumbria to the South Downs in Sussex. The simple but breath-taking architecture of Anglo-Saxon churches, their intricate sculpture and captivating historical associations are all waiting to be discovered

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