Troubador Domenico Mancini

Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9780957684065

Format: Paperback

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Domenico Mancini

de occupatione regni Anglie


Annette Carson, a member of the team that found Richard III’s grave, has produced this new edition of Mancini’s important eyewitness report. Domenico Mancini was an Italian visitor to London in 1483 who witnessed Richard III’s rise from Protector to King, and wrote the only genuinely contemporary account.

His short narrative, less than 7,000 words, was originally published in the 1930s in an edition that, for modern historians, leaves much to be desired. The title and a number of key passages were mistranslated. In addition, Mancini’s misunderstanding of England’s laws and governance, and his omission of crucial facts, were left unremarked.

This is a more accurate translation and analysis which reflects 21st-century research.

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