Troubador Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars

Released: 28/03/2018

eISBN: 9781789010985

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Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars


Defence of Europe by Sikh Soldiers in the World Wars is a fascinating history of the much-forgotten Sikh contribution to the two World Wars. Containing much new research and modern ideas, the book explores how an alliance with Britain enabled Sikhism to spread across the globe and Sikhs to step forward as global partners.

Mohindra S. Chowdhry begins his book by exploring the Sikh revolt against the Mughal Empire. He demonstrates how this revolutionary movement proved not that Sikhs were opposed to Islam, but that Sikhism stood for basic human rights, liberty and freedom to follow the religion of their choice.

The book also shows how Sikhs eventually allied themselves to the British, after first battling it out with them in the hills and plains of the Punjab. He describes the commonality between the two cultures and their ways of looking at life. This common ground developed into loyalty; a bond which gave the British access to a superb fighting force during the two World Wars, and an alliance which enabled the Sikh brotherhood to enter onto the world stage and has resulted in their spread across the globe.

Mohindra concludes with the argument that it is the duty of Sikhs, inspired by deep-rooted principles of justice and equality, to take up the challenges wherever they are to participate in the mainstreams of political and social life.

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