Troubador Broken Homes

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460379

eISBN: 9781800467606

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Broken Homes

Britain's Housing Crisis: Facts, Factoids and Fixes


There is ‘no place like home’ sighs Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. A sentiment with heightened meaning in Britain 2020. There is no book like Broken Homes either. Britain’s housing crisis is subject to caustic analysis from a journalist who used to work for a house builder, blended with the mordantly funny experiences of a senior government advisor now trying had to become a housebuilder.

• Broken Homes exposes the short-term, haphazard and partisan development of housing policy. How political misadventures have led to the housing crisis Britain faces today. Former Conservative and Labour housing ministers interviewed freely admit to a dysfunctional system presiding over ill-formed plans mainly pushed by partisan lobby groups.

• Broken Homes exposes the disregard by planners, designers and builders for those who occupy new homes. A world where homes are crammed to meet targets, where occupants are forced to fit rather than form the mould. Where the desire for decent-sized homes is being thwarted by rules encouraging matchbox estates. A world in which the role of a home changed forever in 2020 but where space standards are no higher than 100 years ago

• Broken Homes explodes the fallacy that building more homes will bring down prices. Or that improving the planning system will somehow make a difference. Instead, decent-sized decently-spaced homes must be demanded for a new generation of New Towns, and that Government must also face the fact they need to subsidise a major programme to build homes for those who will never be able to pay more than half the market rent.

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Peter Bill

Peter Bill writes a column Property Week and formerly for Estates Gazette, the weekly bible of the property sector, which he edited for 11 years up to 2009. He also wrote a weekly column for the London Evening Standard City pages on real estate between 2008 and 2015 Peter spent 21 years in the construction industry as a surveyor. He worked for Wimpey for 11 years and regional house builder in the West Country and Wales for three years.

He became a journalist in 1983, joining Contract Journal as a reporter. In 1985 Peter joined Building magazine, where he rose to become editor in 1990. Peter left Building in 1996 to work at Flemings, the merchant bank. He returned to journalism in 1997 to edit Estates Gazette, from where he retired in February 2009.

Peter has won eight awards for his writing, including the Periodical Publishers Association business writer of the year prize, the industry Oscar. He has edited several publications for the Smith Institute think tank, including three on housing supply and one on climate change called The Green Shift. In 2014 Troubador published his first book, Planet Property on the commercial real estate. Broken Homes, published in October 2020, is also by Troubador.

Peter Bill
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