Released: 03/12/2019

eISBN: 9781838597733

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The case against Pu$$y Mouth Trump (PMT), those who voted for him, and American-style ‘sh!t-show democracy’ since the dawn of the first Trumpian presidency in the United States.

The author argues that it is not possible to become the ultimate decision maker and thought leader of a representative democracy without being representative, that Trump did indeed win the popular vote amongst 'typical' Americans, i.e. white Americans, as minorities are, by very definition, not typical (for example with Hillary Clinton only getting 43% of the popular vote amongst both the categories of white American women and, contrary to a common misconception, white American youth aged between 18-29), and that he may even be, more than any other person currently alive, the very embodiment of the typical American of our time. 

The book places this in the context of comparing the current political system that resulted in a Trump presidency with the systems of numerous other countries, from the single-dominant-party systems of  'officially capitalist' Singapore and 'officially socialist' China, to the essentially 'direct democracy' of Switzerland, thereby highlighting how concepts such as democracy and freedom may best be understood in terms of contrasting levels between countries rather than in terms of something that a country simply is/has or is/has not. 

This was supposed to be basically a Intellectual burn book for liberals against trump supporters or a large glass of Hatorade. The book offers the nihilistic idea that Trump is represented and indicative of the face of America. Which is correct, but of course monumentally depressing to think about it. Trump represents our darkest fears as a country, along with sexism, racism, and egocentric views. In a country with all of these factors, how can any inhabitant come out unscathed? The scary part of this book is that these traits are not just visible in Trump supporters, they are just a plain visible part of our American inheritance. There are very few books in the era of trump asking the hard questions about what truly means to be American and criticize what democracy has produced. 5/5

by Denise Cornelius

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