Released: 03/12/2019

eISBN: 9781838597733

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If you agree Trump is the real face of America, this book is definitely for you!!

And if you recognise that anyone who voted, or will vote in 2020, for Trump is a deplorable individual, and that Trump-majority states are the deplorable states of America, here you’ll find hundreds of examples to support your view.

As well as asking the question “what does democracy actually mean?”, and comparing and contrasting how the concept of democracy has and is being interpreted in practice in different states around the world, from the two-dominant-party democracy of America, to the one-party government of China, to the direct democracy of Switzerland, it is also an unapologetic bitch about Trump’s America in general and the man himself in particular! Donald Trump famously called on his followers in 2016 to ‘Trump that Bitch’, referring to Hillary Clinton; now this book turns the tables.....

This was supposed to be basically a Intellectual burn book for liberals against trump supporters or a large glass of Hatorade. The book offers the nihilistic idea that Trump is represented and indicative of the face of America. Which is correct, but of course monumentally depressing to think about it. Trump represents our darkest fears as a country, along with sexism, racism, and egocentric views. In a country with all of these factors, how can any inhabitant come out unscathed? The scary part of this book is that these traits are not just visible in Trump supporters, they are just a plain visible part of our American inheritance. There are very few books in the era of trump asking the hard questions about what truly means to be American and criticize what democracy has produced. 5/5

by Denise Cornelius

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