Released: 03/12/2019

eISBN: 9781838597733

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The only book to explain exactly why Trumpism, its founder as stereotypically American as Queen Elizabeth II is stereotypically British, will eventually come to be recognised as the defining characteristic of American culture and politics of the entire 21st century. 

Themes covered include:

-How Donald Trump embodied what it means to be All-American in every sense of the term, thereby setting up his descendants to form the United States’ dominant political dynasty, with its family members, despite their recent foreign origins, sufficiently Americanised as regards culture, values, demeanour and worldview to eventually succeed him in representing their fellow Americans for decades to come. 

-How he actually did win the ‘popular vote’ in both 2016 and 2020 amongst typical Americans, typical here referring primarily to Christian non-LGBTQ white Americans, given that minorities, by definition, are not typical. Indeed, in 2020, Trump won the vote of 61% of white American men, 55% of white American women, and even 53% of white American youth (18-29 years old), a worrying indication for the future.

-How the minority groups which voted in their majority against Trump in 2020 are nevertheless predominantly composed of Latinos who are increasingly self-identifying as (Christian non-LGBTQ) white Americans, and so…

This was supposed to be basically a Intellectual burn book for liberals against trump supporters or a large glass of Hatorade. The book offers the nihilistic idea that Trump is represented and indicative of the face of America. Which is correct, but of course monumentally depressing to think about it. Trump represents our darkest fears as a country, along with sexism, racism, and egocentric views. In a country with all of these factors, how can any inhabitant come out unscathed? The scary part of this book is that these traits are not just visible in Trump supporters, they are just a plain visible part of our American inheritance. There are very few books in the era of trump asking the hard questions about what truly means to be American and criticize what democracy has produced. 5/5

by Denise Cornelius

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