Released: 03/12/2019

eISBN: 9781838597733

Format: eBook

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If you hate Americans in general, you’ll love this!

If you agree Trump is the real face of America, this book is definitely for you!!

And if you recognise that anyone who voted, or will vote, for Trump is a deplorable individual, and that Trump-majority states are the deplorable states of America, here you’ll find hundreds of examples to support your view.

Warning: This book is not for typical Trump-era Americans, i.e. those with an IQ below 100 who might still get a JD from Harvard without having mastered so much as one foreign language (including the language of their origin) or have even a basic knowledge of any of the 194 states currently recognised by the UN that are not the US.

If you are an American citizen but are not sure whether or not you are such a person, try to answer this question: Which is further to the West, Baghdad or Tehran?

If you are less than 100% sure of the answer (no, you can’t look it up first), you are likely to be so.

If you have no idea and are proud of it, but you just ‘know’ both are ‘s…hole countries’ full of terrorists and towelheads that the US, land of freedom, democracy and brave yet kind-hearted and God-fearing people, should bomb the f… out of, then you are definitely a typical Trump-era American.

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