Troubador These Millions of Years

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803130576

eISBN: 9781803139029

Format: Paperback/eBook

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These Millions of Years


In a world of Egyptian buried treasure, smuggled art and political intrigue, three people are drawn together in the dangerous search for the tomb of the mysterious heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, the father of Tutankhamun. 
Finn Connors, an ambitious and highly successful London antiquities dealer, makes a chance discovery – that everywhere David Mountjoy, an eccentric astrologer and specialist in Egyptian religion, recreates an ancient temple ritual, the ground yields a spectacular archaeological find. Despite his initial skepticism, Finn’s insatiable curiosity and love of adventure lead him to join one of Mountjoy’s guided tours. 
There, Finn meets Lara Rostock, facing the break-up of her marriage, and Edward Cavanagh, a psychoanalyst. All three are bewildered by the intense attraction, both emotional and sexual, which instantly binds them together. But is it just coincidence that they seem to be re-enacting an ancient Egyptian myth? And are they aware of the danger that surrounds the search?

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