Troubador The Windmill

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460089

eISBN: 9781800467439

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Windmill


What is love at first sight? What do we mean by destiny? Are things sometimes just meant to be?
And are there messages within our dreams?

Virginia ‘Ginny’ Lewis Faulkner thinks her luck is in when she inherits a previously-unknown property. Little does she know all that awaits her as she begins a genealogical investigation to discover more about her Great Aunt Florence Stanley, whom she and other family members have little knowledge of following her disappearance in war-torn Holland in 1940. But there are skeletons within the cupboard that were hidden for a reason...

Told through a lens of three snapshots in time that are connected by a ‘soul’s’ journey to reunite with past loves, experience the loves and loss of three extraordinary people and their journeys in life.

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The Northern Reader

Connections abound in this beautifully written book of different time periods, depicting different lives interconnected by so many links. Ginny inherits a house, and as she does the book returns the reader to the past, of complicated motives, double edged actions and the beauty of a painting that depicts a windmill and symbolises much more. Characters whose fates have an effect over years appear in different circumstances, with hints and clues left for others. Mysteries and more are central to this novel, as Ginny tries to discover who left her a house undisturbed for decades.This book manages to introduce many characters during its chapters, including several generations and wartime intrigues. It has a certain lyrical beauty as it describes places, people and events in detail: from a speck of fluff to a night time pursuit. This is a story which is an easy read and an intriguing concept, that somehow manages to bring in so many elements. Part historical fiction, part near contemporary story, this is an interestingly constructed novel. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this book.

A life or death situation opens the book, an idea which is left in the background as a young woman receives a letter which changes her life. It seems she has been bequeathed a house, strangely named “Redivius”, by Florence van Hassel. Working out a link with her late grandmother, she sets off for her mother’s house. Her mother’s story is linked to an ex boyfriend, Jack. His story goes back in time to 1975, and there is a complicated and moving story attached to him which demonstrates among other things the power of friendship. Another section reverts to wartime, and a shock for a young woman called Florence. A story of intrigue emerges which takes in journeys to Amsterdam during the Second World War. This is a read which is memorable for its multi layered approach and more. It is a gripping section which has so many implications for the rest of the novel. It is about disappearances and realisations, images that linger in the mind. It is moving and significant so many ways, as Florence discovers so much about her life and more.

This book manages to combine tension and significant discoveries with very real tragedy. The interconnectedness is carefully constructed, conveyed both by major plot developments and tiny hints, small details that are discovered by various characters, little pieces of evidence to be found by others much later. The possibilities of memories, deja vu and feelings of familiarity link characters who would otherwise remain in the dark. This is a novel which tackles head on the concept of love and more surviving even death, as well as the sacrifices that people are willing to make for others, a concept introduced in the very first section. Secrets and lies, danger and attraction make this a novel which lingers in the memory. I recommend this book to anyone seeking a complex novel which manages to convey the power of love over several generations.

by The Northern Reader Blog

Just finished it, brilliant, loved it, so well written xx and interesting. Personal review, Jill. 6 Dec 2020.

by Jill

What a brilliant book – real page turner. Looking forward to the next volume. 26 Nov 2020.

by Richard

Fascinating story which can be read on many levels. Beautifully constructed. Thoroughly recommend this book. MoiJS Torbay, Apple Books, 29 Nov 2020.

by torbayhospital

Well, that was a different read…and for good reasons. Was a real page turner and has left me thinking about what happens to our love when we pass, what might draw us to our partners and how we may sacrifice everything for love. This book has a lot of characters to engage with that at first seem distant from each other. However, the concept of connections pervades and the main character, Ginny, starts a voyage of discovery to link these connections and discover why she might have been left a house. What she finds is so much more…with more to come I suspect. It’s about friends, loves and tragedy. Set in three parts, the changes in time are marked on the chapter titles to help you keep on track with the fast-paced movements. I was interested in the use of historical information to drive the plot and engage with the characters. And I even found out some new things.

All in all, I’d recommend this book to anyone that wants to delve into a story and the subjects of who we meet, befriend and fall in love with during our lives. The Windmill is not a linear read in any sense, this makes it interesting and different for that. Twists and turns and clues, easy to miss if you skim through, help us the reader and the characters discover some of the answers.

A well-constructed book of substance, some moving sections with depth that will make you think and want more after you’ve finished.

by Drew

Loving the book, such a great read. Pat Dec 21 2020.

by Pat

I couldn't put this book down. I loved the way the characters came into importance bit by bit. They all have a story to tell for themselves but they all come together to explain so much more at the end of the book. I found the historical parts of the book really interesting. I read it over a weekend which is something for me. Highly recommended. Anne, 23 Dec. 2020.

by Anne

Ginny Faulkner has been given an inheritance. From someone she never knew.
What age doesn't know is that the real inheritance isn't the beautiful house with all the furnishings. It isn't even finding out who her family were. It is so much better.
Her search will lead her to something so incredibly beautiful.
This is a story of espionage, spies, agents and double agents. It has mystery and drama. A definite favorite.

by NetGalley review

I was immediately drawn to this book because my great grandmother painted windmill scenes! This story centers around Florence, a young woman sent to the Netherlands just before WWII reaches the country.
There are multiple time lines spanning centuries that all intertwine eventually. The different story lines at time were difficult for me to keep straight. I read this over about a week with a few days off, and found that the breaks made it harder to keep everything straight so I’d recommend reading more consistently for this book.
Some of the transitions were abrupt, but overall it was entertaining.

by NetGalley review

The book was a wonderful read. Shifting through time and characters the plot builds through intrigue and anticipation. Each characters life is entwined elaborately leading the reader to discover more in depth intrigue and subterfusion.

A real page turner that kept me riveted to the end. A ripping good yarn with obviously more to come from this new and upcoming author

Personal review.

by Steve

I was kindly sent a copy of this book by the publisher, Troubadour Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first Historical fiction book I've ever reviewed and I wasn't sure what to expect. It's like no other book I've ever read and I have been taken on one eye opening journey!

To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. I was captivated by it. There are a number of separate events (past and present) being told simultaneously but, slowly they all begin to intertwine until you're left with two people trying to work out how all of the events actually connect to form their ancestry.

I know what you're thinking and yes, the way I've explained it does sound like it's going to be a confusing book but, I promise you it's not! It's beautifully written and after a few chapters you can start to see things connecting and you will be filled with such excitement you can't help but keep turning the pages!

There is an almighty cliffhanger at the end that I can guarantee will leave readers desperate for a sequel. Well, I have it on good authority that the sequel is being written and, I for one can't wait for it to be published.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

Laura January 23, 2021 'Lost in a Book Review Blog'

by Laura, Lost in a Book Review

The Windmill

“A pungent smell of wet earth pervaded as the dampness reached deep inside to scrape at their bones.”
One opening line and I was transported there, didn’t know where or when and still don’t know…this is one of the many intriguing things about this book, it’s set over 3 time periods, but this part remains a secret which automatically gets you hoping there is a sequel.

The lives of Ginny and those around her, both family and newly found friends, grasp you and hold you tight as they intertwine and lead you to wondering what secrets will be revealed next, a fantastic, griping spiders web. The historical information, which spills from the pages, had me googling away to discover more about the truth behind the story. I couldn’t put it down and in fact read it cover to cover in less than 36 hours, so mesmerising and I felt a great connection, a relationship building with these fantastic characters; with their own, as well as their combined, stories.

Each chapter holds another piece to the complex puzzle, another lead or secret that has you wondering where it will lead Ginny, and you, next…I know it definitely has led me into a sense of suspense as I wait with anticipation for the next book to come out. Can’t wait to read it and pick back up my newly found relationship with Ginny and those in her web of intrigue.

K Lewis Adair please don’t leave us hanging for too long.

Sarah Personal Review 09.02.2021

by Sarah

I have finished the book it didn’t take long…I couldn’t put it down. There are plenty of things I still want to know about the characters.
A very clever book and well written. I had a lovely time reading it.
I really enjoyed it so much, I must read more…
Pam Personal Review February 10, 2021

by Pam

Very good book, recommended to me by a friend, but need a sequel!!!

by Penny C

This weekend l sat in the shade and got totally absorbed. I just had to finish it. To say l enjoyed it is an understatement, l can’t wait to read the next. It would make good tv viewing !
Five stars. July 2021

by Pat

K Lewis Adair

Are our lives already in a book? Do we just need to write it?

I decided to write a novel after thinking about the many different things that I had discovered whilst studying archaeology, history and researching into genealogy.

Life experiences had accompanied me, as yet I had not assimilated them in to my thoughts. Upon assisting a friend with her genealogical research, I wanted to investigate my family and my husbands lineage. Undertaking this investigation, along with my interest in history, some deep questions arose. My love of the eras; ancient, pre-history and early medieval, started to comfortably slot in to place.

A major change to my thinking came when I decided (out of the blue...or was it?) to visit a medium. I had never been to a reading before but felt strangely compelled to go.

The medium, was able to tell me things she could not have known, even to painting a picture of me as a child. Other things described astonished me, especially as I was completely sceptical and volunteered very little information. One further point they added, I was writing a book. I sat astounded, and declared to her in that moment I felt like I had just woken up.

Looking at me, she simply laughed, almost as though it had been expected.

I went away and thought about everything. As I began my journey to discover more, many things started to happen. A new understanding that I had to acquire knowledge, to be open to visions or dreams and generally be more aware. To this day I am open to new ideas and new discoveries.

So, why write a book?

Fated or otherwise, I had already started.

Now with new avenues to explore, as well as looking back on my life to this point, suddenly everything began to slot in to place. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the parts slowly joined to create a bigger picture. A picture with many peep holes remaining.

Now I have just published my first novel, The Windmill.

The book already known by the medium. I am at present writing another story which will compliment The Windmill and lead to a series of books that will all connect together and answer the questions, I hope the reader may have.

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