Troubador The Way Of Vengeance

Released: 25/03/2022

eISBN: 9781399920087

Format: eBook

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The Way Of Vengeance


In the midst of famine during a forgotten Stalinist genocide, DANYA KOMYSA is a proud Cossack Partisan, forced to witness the murder of his wife during the Soviet Purges and Famine of 1932. Despite his heroic defiance, against Stalin’s most notorious Chekist General, his lone crusade for retribution seems hopeless.

Now as Danya wrestles with his destiny he encounters a powerful resistance group and takes on a deadly challenge. He must chaperone NATALKA ZAKHAROV, once Stalin’s favourite adjutant, yet now Russia’s most wanted fugitive, to Kharkiv City as she flees from the same Chekist General who murdered his wife. As the notorious GENERAL VRATEK and his Cheka Secret Police pursue the pair across the nation, Danya and his Chekist adversary are drawn ever closer together. Relentless conflict, incarceration and rescue soon follow as the chase builds to a dramatic climax in Kharkiv City. Now love strikes deep into two open hearts as Danya and Natalka are bound by tribulation and the high emotion of unrelenting pursuit.

Finally, Danya settles an astonishing score from the past, delivering a fatal blow, deep into the heart of Stalin’s machinery of terror. Now Danya has fulfilled his destiny, as the tide of destruction that has brought his country to its knees draws to a premature close. Set against a backdrop of real historical events and richly laced with spiritual intrigue, The Way Of Vengeance is an unforgettable journey of passion, courage and survival.

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