Troubador The Puddle Dock Murders

Released: 18/05/2022

eISBN: 9781803139517

Format: eBook

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The Puddle Dock Murders


Brendan O’Carroll is an ex-Indian Army RSM and now the well-respected City of London Town Crier. The beginning of the Edwardian era is full of promise and hope for many, but Brendan, dismissed after twenty-five years’ service, finds his life spiralling out of control as he is drawn into a conspiracy which will threaten the very existence of the British empire.

Millions of people are at risk from a conflagration which will see a new world order prevail and despite Brendan’s reluctance to get involved, he finds himself at the heart of the conspiracy. Used and abused by forces he has no control over, his only course is to fight to save himself and his wife, Mary-Jane. Brendan will do anything to protect her from his mistakes.

Too late, Brendan begins to understand the consequences of his actions. Can he act in time to save himself and Mary-Jane, or is it too late?

I have two finished crime novels ready for the light of day. I am also halfway through a psychological thriller about revenge.

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Kevin McDonagh

After graduating I joined the civil service. I took a severance package many years later and landed up in building management. I mostly went on motorcycle tours in Europe. I travelled to the Artic Circle three times, the fourth time I had to turn back due to an artic storm. I no longer have a motorcycle, it deteriorated before I did.

My interests are cycling, photography, reading, crosswords and I have an allotment. I like to juggle all these with writing my novels. I retired early from the building management to concentrate on my writing. I tried the conventional way to get published. I will admit to getting a few rejections. The eBook route seems more democratic. My debut novel, ‘The Puddle Dock Murders,’ will be published early May 2022. I have just turned 71. I have hand tremors which make typing a hoot!

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