Troubador The Moon's an Illusion

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788037754

eISBN: 9781789011418

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Moon's an Illusion

The Ripple Effect


Every family has a story to tell - some more interesting than others...


Based on true events surrounding one family, The Moon’s an Illusion focuses on how life can go terribly wrong on the basis of one bad choice and one single mistake. Set in the strait-laced 1920s, the story revolves around one affluent family and how each member’s choices tear the family apart. More than just the scandals, this is a story of a family in crisis, with many strong characters with stories to tell.


One daughter brings the family’s name into disrepute by claiming to have been raped. This claim sets events into motion that pits family against family, with revenge taken by the accused. His people are violent, unpredictable and will draw no line to take their so-called justice on the daughter and everyone she loves.


Another daughter finds happiness, only to lose it, and as a result is committed to a mental asylum. Later she remarries one of the most eligible and handsome men in town - but disaster strikes again when it’s revealed she had a brief affair with an Egyptian man who claimed to have psychic powers. The affair results in catastrophic consequences for everyone. Scandal and shock surround the family yet again, estranging the daughter from the people she loves. The once close-knit family breaks apart - all because of a few decisions that ripple down to affect everyone.


This emotionally-driven story has various twists and turns, and the pace is relentless as it drives towards the inevitable conclusion, with skeletons falling out of many cupboards along the way. Its general appeal and the breadth of the subjects it covers will appeal to readers who enjoy both character-based stories and general fiction.

A fascinating account of one family's attitudes, morals and affairs from the 1920s onwards. Detailed descriptions of the ceremonies and dress codes are testimony to the author's research.
I loved how the title of the book is cleverly woven into the storyline.
Highly recommended for readers who enjoy family sagas.

by Christina Clarry

Absolutely great read, much enjoyed! Full of exciting drama from start to finish...couldn’t put it down.

by Glenn

This book is vividly descriptive, I really enjoyed being transported back in time to the roaring 1920s, a period I have always liked. The people and places got my interest immediately, and how their actions, albeit unintentional, brought the family to its knees. The ending is unexpected and quite shocking considering this was in the 1920s. I would definitely recommend this book. I couldn’t put it down!

by Sophie M

I was attracted to the book by the quality of the cover, I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but it is truly reflected in the unfolding narrative. A saga of a generation whose values and way of life have sadly long gone. I admired the way they all stood together through thick and thin and were always there for another no matter what. I found the book almost impossible to put down. A story of strong minded women who stood united with their family to the bitter end.

by Joyce Teague

An excellent and fascinating story which makes compelling reading with many twists and turns in family life. The author has captured the readers interest very successfully. I would strongly recommend this book as a must read.

by Chrysta

An incredible story of the trials and tribulations of a family set in the 1920s. The book is packed with all kinds of happenings and demonstrates the closeness of families, particularly in that era. There were plenty of unexpected developments and it was definitely a page turner.

by Lynn

A real page turner, can’t wait to find out more and read the end of the book!!! Love it so far!!!

by Leonie

This book was given to me as a gift. Fascinating story, with the family saga taking many twists and turns, showing that one wrong move in life can have far reaching affects. A great summer read!

by Pauline

Excellent from start to finish a book full of surprises,

Definitely a page turner, highly recommended.

by Tania corner

A friend passed this book on to me, she enjoyed it and thought that I would too. And yes, I certainly did and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys period dramas. I understand it is this authors first book...well done, more please!

by Emily Stevens

Simply brilliant!! Couldn‘t wait to read more and finding out the end!! Can‘t wait to see another book from the same author!!

by Bernadette

A very nice novel full of intrigue, twists and turns. Compelling read specially if you are in a holiday.

by Hassan Dakroub

An exciting and fascinating family history.
I could not stop reading and learning what the future will be for Alexandra.
A book that you have to read!

by Carmen

Wow, didn’t expect that! Was recommended this book and struggled with the first pages but when this story gets going, I couldn’t put it down! The story follows the lives of a well to do Family in England in the 1920’s. The trials and tribulations of raising 3 strong willed daughters, attending balls and parties and general life at that time. The attitudes and small town gossip and how it brings a family to it’s knees.
The story is cleverly woven around the title and the action is hard hitting and at times relentless. I felt exhausted and had to remind myself that this story is based on the true events of one Family.
Thank you Edwina Thomas for sharing your family history, I look forward to the sequel.

by Kate Avery-Wright

I was drawn into this book from the start. A tale of the times, of attitudes and duties, and how one headstrong family member can change the lives of all around her, and how impulsiveness can change your own life irredeemably. Mixtures of happiness, tragedy and consequences of actions. It was especially poignant knowing it’s based on the true story of the authoress’ family. Hope Edwina Thomas will have another book in her head to give us as much enjoyment.

by Susie Mac

I came across this book at the local library and was grabbed by the title. The unfolding story fascinated me and kept me turning the pages. Wow, if this is a true story this family were incredibly loyal and forgiving. A great story from beginning to end.

by Silvia Plumley

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