Troubador The Folded Notes

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789013702

eISBN: 9781789011913

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Folded Notes


Inspired by history comes this breathtaking story of star-crossed lovers against the backdrop of colourful nineteenth century India...

The book’s cross-cultural relationship is refreshing, and its peek into sites around Lahore is delightful.”

- Kirkus Reviews


A different world awaits Catherine Rose, an Englishwoman who travels with her mother from England to India. While her father, stationed at the Punjab University, is their direction, destiny intervenes and crosses her path with the educated and kind Kharak. A recently qualified engineer from Lahore who works for the Indian railways, he is as taken with the feminine, unreserved Englishwoman as she is with him. Aghast at the blossoming friendship, her father, incited by Ivan, a colonial engineer, arranges to keep Catherine and Kharak from falling in love. Arranging matters, he gets Kharak sent to work in another British colony, never to see or speak to his daughter again. In the last few moments he has, Kharak manages to leave two notes for Catherine.


Flouting her father’s orders, Catherine flees in secret and follows her heart, away from Lahore to Mombasa. But little does she know that Ivan, as Kharak’s supervisor, will be there - nor that he is now her pursuer. With everything to lose, hope is all that Catherine can cling to, hope that love will win the day and she and Kharak will finally be together.


Inspired by history and written with first-hand knowledge of the locations, this achingly moving historical romance crosses continents from England to India and East Africa during a fascinating part of history. The plot is woven between lush descriptions to create a compelling story of forbidden love and an uncertain ending that will linger long after the last page.

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An engaging read with interesting descriptions of setting and history. I would love to visit the Shalimar Gardens sometime.

by Janet B

A wonderful book, beautifully written, beautiful descriptions of Lahore and Bath, the feelings shared by two people from different cultures, combined with some history, makes this book hard to put down.
Mandz has written a beautiful story, I highly recommend The Folded Notes as your next read.

by Kezza Chester

Congratulations on a beautifully written tale of a gentle love affair between 2 young people, from diverse backgrounds.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Folded Notes !

by Audrey Small

A most enjoyable read, a lovely story.

by Malala C

Beautifully descriptive, the reader is transported with ease to the vibrant streets of Lahore and the rugged landscape of East Africa.
The Folded Notes is a story of life and love from a bygone era, I highly recommend this well written novel.

by Gabrielle Spence

Highly recommend this book, I didn't want it to end and really hope there is a sequel.
Beautifully written and the detail transports you to a different world where you can almost feel and smell the aromas of the locations it takes you to.
A total deviation from my usual read, but was so beautifully portrayed wrapped up in a beautiful love story.

by Pam

A very culturally diverse setting with historic elements highlighted effectively. Once the scene is set initially, it is a very interesting story with an unpredictable ending.

by Randip Reel

I cannnot highly recommend this book. A very enjoyable read, with various historic elements and unpredictable twists of storyline. Reader will find romance as well as thrill and crime elements, all craftully captured in this captivating story. While reading, a thought of a movie, based on this book, cought my mind few times. Overall thoroughly enjoyable read, 5 stars for the author.

by Julija

Amazing book, keeps you at the edge of your seat.
Must read it.

by Mrs Violeta Ivanova

A beautifully written book full of love and culture. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and didnt want it to end. A must read!

by Cora

A beautifully written captivating story, Wonderful insight into the early days. A book I had difficulty putting down.

by Bronwyn Lyttle

The Folded Notes is a lesson in both history and love. Spanning across England, India and Africa, this beautiful book takes you through exquisite geographies whilst at its core guiding the reader through a memorable and powerful love story. You will be taken on a journey of every emotion from beginning right through to the end, and the complex characters will stick with you long after. The pages are packed with stunning description with no detail forgotten. There are surprises hidden within the pages, and you will be left wanting more! I really would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read, and sense of adventure.

by Ursula

A rich history of migration spanning across Europe, Africa and India. Written with intricate detail with the heart of the story being a deep heart connection between two people who are linked through space and time.

by Isri Padma

The folded Notes is a sweet and yet heart-wrenching story of forbidden romance between the young and beautiful British Kathrine and a budding railway engineer, native Indian Kharak. Set in 1898 in British India this authentically written tale demonstrates the devastating effects of entrenched racism and abuse of power but also upholds all those most beautiful aspect of human nature; an openness to difference, the strength of love within families, bravery in facing the unknown and of course, the lengths one will go to for love.

The rich historical context of the book, including the day-to-day lives of the British and native peoples of Lahore of the time and of course the building of the railways in East Africa, gave a most fascinating and enjoyable aspect to the story.

This is a book that touched my heart, more than I can say.

by Melanie

This is such an amazing book! So glad to have read it, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The story just flows so well and keeps you guessing for more.
Would absolutely recommend this to everyone!

by Neha Jawaid

This is such an amazing book! So glad to have read it, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. The story just flows so well and keeps you guessing for more.
Would absolutely recommend this to everyone!

by Neha Jawaid

This was a very enjoyable read; the writing style and short chapters made the book a real page turner! I would highly recommend!

by Paris

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