Troubador The Evolution of Charlie K

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Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800462830

eISBN: 9781800466135

aISBN: 9781803138459

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The Evolution of Charlie K


1960, Papua and New Guinea.

Charlie K is suddenly thrust from a stone age society, having to navigate the alien culture of American schooling and university life.

Overnight, the young man has to cope with extreme racial prejudice. He suffers violence but also experiences generosity of spirit, in an otherwise inward-looking America. We follow not only his adventures in the US, but later when he returns to his own country. He is living in a remote tribal area with vividly described episodes featuring unexpected and exciting encounters.  

The Evolution of Charlie K follows the fortunes (and misfortunes) of a young native man from one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. It draws on the effects of war on his country during WW2. A country which, after its independence in 1975, is still a largely tribal society. 

Publication of The Evolution of Charlie K published on August 2021. Actor Sebastian Abinieri reads the audio version now available on Audible, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc.

I'm really surprised this book isn't more talked about. This was such an insightful look into tribal life some sixty years ago in Papua New Guinea.
Themes of racism and prejudice that are still relevant today are portrayed without making it feel like a lesson.

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A thoughtful and eye opening read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an interesting idea to pit an unworldly, if intelligent, native of Papua New Guinea against western civilisation as he experiences it in the U.S. The author writes with humour and humanity, and his likeable hero, Charlie K, despite many setbacks makes the best of the opportunities he is given.

by Mary Fraser

Richard Nye

Richard has worked as an engineer in Australia and Papua New Guinea (1959-1961). He has travelled worldwide during his career. Since retirement he has written sketches performed at international psychotherapy conferences and won an award at a local literary festival. Aged 84, The EVOLUTION of CHARLIE K is his debut novel.

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