Troubador The Devil’s Cathedral

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464452

eISBN: 9781800466753

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Devil’s Cathedral

A Mystery of Queen Anne’s London


THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY LANE, 24 April 1708. A performance of Macbeth is under way when disaster strikes and the stage becomes a scene of elemental chaos – and for Widow Trotter and her friends at the Bay-Tree Chocolate House, a new adventure begins, involving murder, poison, fire, and a rogue elephant . . .

Devoted fans of Chocolate House Treason will welcome this second novel in the Chocolate House Mysteries series, which captures all the energies of the early eighteenth-century theatre. We move among the eccentric characters of the Theatre Royal company, in Drury Lane and at the exuberant May Fair where the actors moonlight in the fairground booths.

The puritanical reformers are determined to close the theatre and abolish the Fair, and ‘accidents’ begin to happen – but Mary Trotter and her friends at the Bay-Tree are determined to expose the conspiracy, and the action reaches its climax at the Fair when the players are faced with the ultimate act of terror.

Once again, David Fairer offers the delights of the classic eighteenth-century novel, intricately weaving a murder mystery with authentic history, and bringing the London of Queen Anne to life.

Brings the theatre to life with its entertaining and colourful characters in this tale of Queen Anne's time. I enjoyed the book, and thank you netgalley and the publishers for giving me a copy of the book.

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It's 1708 and as the sun sets on the tail-end of Queen Anne's reign, turmoil hits a London theater company and its various ongoing stage projects when matters of moral, religion and spiritual ethos, egregious political shenanigans and artistic freedoms noisily collide on the day murder invites itself in its midst leaving total mayhem in its wake.....

A rollicking and fascinating tale cleverly plotted and teeming with a large cast of colorful characters, a story chock-full of life, novel ideas and lots of delicious verbal pyrotechnics that brilliantly offers us a gorgeous tapestry of a society on the brink of greatness as it
prepares itself to boldly break away from the overbearing puritanical tenets left by the tumultuous 17th century and firmly sets its sights on the much more rewarding era of Enlightenment barreling down its way.

A marvellous fictional voyage that deserves to be enjoyed without any moderation whatsoever!

by NetGalley review

A bit slow to start with however, once I got going this book really bought the theatre world of 18th c. London to life.
A fascinating read with a mixture of real life and fictional characters.
Recommended for anyone with an interest in historical fiction or the arts.

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David Fairer


As Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature at Leeds University I have spent most of my life researching and writing about the early eighteenth century and bringing it alive for students, and so this turn to historical fiction is a natural one for me. I find myself on the other side of the fence, writing from within the world that I have inhabited imaginatively for fifty years. I am inspired by the thought of bringing this fascinating period to life for modern readers.

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