Troubador Part Star Part Dust

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788038973

Format: Paperback

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Part Star Part Dust

A Novel


A story of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice, exploration and redemption. 
A glimmering jewel not to be missed by lovers of contemporary literature. 

A millionaire, a widow and a monk. A plane crash. Three destinies, linked for eternity in a tale narrated by Time. 
Part Star Part Dust is a page turning journey set in India with characters whose lives unspool into a tale of interconnection, transcending all cultural and ethnic boundaries and ultimately revealing the purpose of this evanescent thing we call life.
Meet Radha. 
She was left in a dumpster on the side streets of Mumbai to die as she was born; premature and undernourished.
Meet Mira. 
At sixteen she is to marry a man she has never met before. On her wedding day, she carries a knife.

And Gaurav. 
People say love is more important than money. But what happens when having one means you can’t have the other?

Part Star Part Dust will leave you spellbound.

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