Troubador Orphaned Leaves

Released: 26/06/2018

eISBN: 9781789011395

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Orphaned Leaves


After the Second World War, Ernst Frick, one of the most senior war criminals in Himmler’s SS, becomes an international fugitive. At first he flees to the Austrian Tyrol but as the net tightens, he looks for a safer refuge thousands of miles from Europe. Argentina? Brazil? South West Africa? He chooses Australia.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is the story of a Nazi war criminal who flees to Australia but is haunted by his criminal past. A great read I found it compelling and almost unable to put down.

by Jim Chambers (via Netgalley)

'Orphaned Leaves' by Christopher Holt is a unique book because it is written from the perspective of a SS commander of the Reich. SS Brigadefuhrer Ernst Frick later to become Otto Brandt is the protagonist of this book. After murdering a red haired woman with a fox fur he is haunted by his deed. His guilt follows him through life. He also feels guilt because of his part in the Aktion, an operation involving the gathering and murdering of Polish Jews during the Holocaust. I found this book intriguing because I never thought about the men behind the heinous crimes during WWII. This thought provoking book gave me a new perspective on the life of this SS Commander. I recommend this book.

by Diane Edbauer (via NetGalley)

I would like to start my review by stating simply and clearly: this is a beautiful book.

I should say that I could be a bit biased, since I'm a big fan of WWII-related novels. However, this book is different from others I have read, because it focuses on the aftermath of the war, after the scars have been made, after the monstrosities have been inflicted. It focuses on the road to healing, to redemption, to atonement... a road made hard by the ghosts of the past, who would not leave you alone. This road was impossible for some to survive, but not to the main character, Otto, and that is due to the power of love.

This book is about the healing power of love. It shows how being cared for and loved, by a neighbor, a lover, a friend, a son, will help you survive the rising tide of deadly guilt. This book is a story of survival and the fight against one's own monster.

As well as being a beautiful story of survival, it is also a great adventure through early days Australia, the gold land of dreams.

All in all, a great novel!

by Paul Melki (via NetGalley)

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