Troubador Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue

Released: 28/02/2014

eISBN: 9781783067312

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Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue

Lord Rochester, in Chains of Quicksilver


‘Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue -
Lord Rochester, in Chains of Quicksilver'

To be born in the year 1647, with England in the continuing grip of Civil War; to be raised by a stern, ambitious mother; to see little of your father for eleven years and then to learn of his untimely death, must all surely have had a potent impact on the life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester.

19th March 2014.
I am pleased to announce that Of Ink, Wit and Intrigue is now in stock at Waterstones, Leicester and has a spot on the local interest shelves. It is also in store at the Market Harborough and Banbury branches.

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Susan Cooper-Bridgewater

I am Leicestershire born and bred, and that wonderful shire is still my home. At the age of 15, on leaving school, I was employed as a legal secretary in the City of Leicester and continued in that profession for most of my working life.

I have for many years held a curiosity for England’s colourful history, with particular emphasis on the Restoration period and its people. My enthusiasm for this fascinating age has, in recent years, led me to scholarly research of those times resulting in some of my works being published in 2011 and 2013 volumes of Oxford University Press Notes and Queries Journal. I also have unpublished pieces archived in Blenheim Palace at Woodstock, Magdalene College in Cambridge and in the Library Catalogue of Trinity College in Cambridge.

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