Troubador Just Another Girl on the Road

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018622

eISBN: 9781838599355

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Just Another Girl on the Road


Summer 1944: Stranded behind enemy lines in France, eighteen-year-old Katrinka Badeau escapes German deserters with the help of Major Willoughby Nye. Once an employee on her father’s merchant ship, Nye is now part of an undercover Jedburgh operation, working for the Allies. When he offers her a job on his team, she accepts.

Her work throws her together with Sergeant Wolfe Farr, the team’s tough-talking radio operator, and they embark on an intense love affair. But Katrinka is not prepared to accept Wolfe’s plans for the future. And her love for Nye, which has evolved from an adolescent crush to that of a young woman, still endures.

With the liberation of France, both men are sent to the Far East. Realising what she has lost, Katrinka joins a small entertainment troupe, and sets out on an arduous journey around the world to find Wolfe. But when the three are finally reunited, which love will withstand the test of time? 

Praise for Just Another Girl on the Road

"Difficult history, abuse, war and love combine in this emotional examination of the end of World War II… A deep, evocative read …inventive, finely-woven and captivating." – IndieReader 

 "Well-plotted and often exciting… An informed, imaginative tale that adds some romance to a well-researched war story." – Kirkus Reviews

Indie Reader

The Bookbag

Kirkus Reviews

I loved the WWII resistance story, the story itself was good. The characters were rather odd and the scenes did not match the character. The story would be good with Katrinka a young girl as a resistance fighter, but unbelievable in how the character was portrayed. The story was very good than out of nowhere there would be an explicit sexual scene that added nothing to the story and felt rather out of place. If those scenes were not there I would probably give the book 4 stars for the resistance story. It would have been better if the romance would have been left between Farr and Katrinka or at least Farr Katrinka and Will. The story of the resistance fighters was rather good in itself and if you are one that likes explicit scenes you will probably like this book.

by Shirley

The setting of WWII for stories is always emotional and evocative. There is so much courage, bravado, grit and determination shown and at the same time the lesser attributes of betrayal, cowardice and envy and very often the more basic " fear for your life" and for those around you.

This story encompasses all that is a girl of mixed background who found herself in circumstances and places beyond her control and displayed a sense of compassion to the dying which was not understood by all.

Displaying courage way beyond her 18 years our heroine is made of sterling stuff.

Slightly different to the usual settings of WWII

by Mystica

S. Kensington

S. Kensington is a retired educator who has lived and taught in various countries for the past thirty years. Like the protagonist in this novel, she enjoys long voyages by cargo ship. Kensington was inspired to write this book after finding a small white glove, and a news clipping about the WWII undercover Phantoms, in her father's war possessions. She currently resides in Germany, writing her memoirs, and working her way through the country's 600 varieties of bread.

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