Troubador Identities Rediscovered

Released: 28/08/2017

eISBN: 9781788031219

Format: eBook

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Identities Rediscovered


Three paranormal stories with a strong historical background.

A trilogy of stories aimed at a youthful audience, and with strong themes of history and culture. Historically accurate and with added notes so the stories can be used in an academic context. Lively and informative to stimulate debate and discussion.

Enchantment is the story of an English girl, Helen, who is shaken by strange perceptions and vibrations when touching ruins or artifacts from an ancient world. At college she meets Giulio, and the attraction, triggered by their different cultures, sparks off a sequence of events that takes place in different dimensions of time in which the present and the past, reality and dreams, overlap in a tangle of unpredictable twists.

Matteo Revives. Since childhood, a successful middle-aged manager from Milan suffers from momentarily losing consciousness and being catapulted into another reality far away in time and culture. With the help of a psychologist friend, he finds out under hypnosis that he lived two hundred years before in West Bengal under another identity.

Romeo and Juliet in Progress tells the experience of a Canadian professor of drama while preparing this Shakespearean tragedy featuring an international group of students at his university. The final performance will be staged in Verona. Julie, playing the role of Juliet, confesses to her teacher that she is tormented by the presence in her life of a young Italian lady executed for adultery with her lover in 1391.

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