Troubador Death of the Cosset

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800460454

eISBN: 9781800467552

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Death of the Cosset


The year is 1988. A young Egyptologist, Cassandra Seldon, has been sent to Egypt to find proof to support a new time-line theory, called Dynasty Zero, pre-dating the First Dynasty. However, the reserved Archaeologist, Mark McCormick, is also on this excavation to prove her wrong. 

While there, Cassandra discovers a papyrus in the tomb of Queen Iput. As she deciphers the story unfolding, she finds her life running parallel to the queen’s. The story takes us back to 2350 B.C., Ancient Egypt, where we learn about Queen Iput’s first-born son and how he was murdered. Cassandra is desperate to learn how the queen’s story ends. And in a strange twist of fate, recounting the events, which lead back to the time-line theory, she senses the queen’s journey may give her the answers she is seeking. 

However, when her boss, Dr. Edmund Ramsey, discovers her deciphering the papyrus, she finds her job is in jeopardy. Is this unearthing a journey for Cassie, or is it her destiny?

Official publication date is November 28, 2020, however, book is already for sale!

Very good book. There aren’t many books that take place in Ancient Egypt and I liked the accounts of actual history in the book. The dual storylines flow nicely then there is much mystery involved.

by Richard Kaminski

Loved the book. Very strong-willed independent lead character who is flawed. Unique ending.

by J.Beyer

"Death of the Cosset" is a dual-timeline novel concentrating on Cassie (1988) and Queen Iput (2350 BC). The stories are interesting and combine well, but I enjoyed reading the parts with Queen Iput much more than Cassie's. It's written well, with a solid historical feel in the appropriate places. I would like to read more from this author.

by NetGalley review

Dual timelines must be tricky to do but this author does it well here. In this case the timelines are thousands of years apart, in 1988 and in 2350 BC. The focus is on courageous women in both instances. Cassandra is a young Egyptologist who is sent to Egypt to search for evidence of Dynasty Zero and discovers much, much more as she works with colleagues who hope to deciper papyri. Not only are we privy to the archaeological side of things but bits of her own history are revealed, little by little yet with big wows. Queen Isput has a rather interesting life herself and is ruthless, yet we see her human side, too. Both women make sacrifices and are determined to make an impact in her own era. The differences and parallels are striking and fascinating.

The earlier era of more interest to me as ancient Egypt has always fascinated me and I study a lot about it. The 1988 timeline seems far fetched and the characters do not appeal to me. In places the writing seems to be a bit choppy and unprofessional but the storylines and plots make it worthwhile to me. Surprises are wonderful in books...this one had many. It is also nice to learn something new.

Those interested in a mystery with loads of twists and bends, especially with an ancient historical slant and true historical detail, will find reasons to enjoy this, right to the end. The glossary at the back is a great idea.

by NetGalley review

DEATH OF THE COSSET is a compelling debut about the surprising parallels between Queen Iput in Ancient Eqypt, and Cassie Seldon, an American Egyptologist in 1988. Both are gutsy women struggling with patriarchal cultures in their respective times.

Tomb excavations, ancient relics, political intrigue, and murder keep the reader engaged despite writing wobbles from new author Oswald. A worthy read for a wintry afternoon!

by NetGalley review

Growing up, I remember being fascinated with the Egyptian Royals, the Pyramids and the artifacts on display in museums. At one point, I wanted to be an archaeologist. This book brought out all that childlike excitement and passion for me!

The book focuses on the lives of Cassie and Queen Iput, both strong, independent women forced to navigate what life throws at them. Cassie is an Egyptologist and gets the opportunity to Queen Iput's tomb. What she finds there will change her life!

This book is filled with intrigue, romance, mystery, love, and history. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for anyone looking for an inspiring read.

by NetGalley review

Kimberly Jane Oswald

Kimberly Jane Oswald was born in Michigan and grew up spending summers with family in Oklahoma.

Her writing has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Breast Cancer Wellness and Todays Christian Women.

She is a two-time cancer survivor and currently lives in Ohio, with her husband. She wants everyone to know she is healthy, happy and hoping her book sells. Death Of The Cosset is her first novel.

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