Troubador Coronach

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789017717

eISBN: 9781789012606

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“Excellent and splendidly written [...] the characters fully grown and demanding the reader’s attention and involvement. I wait for more.” – Winston Graham, author of the Poldark novels 

Let the truth be told... 

Scotland, July 1746: an army of occupation ravages the Highlands, committing atrocities with consequences that will reverberate across generations. From this bloody cataclysm, the battle-hardened English soldier Mordaunt saves an infant who will become his heiress and his obsession, and on his shattered estate a traumatised Franco-Scottish laird, Ewen Stirling, offers refuge to a boy damaged by unspeakable horror. 

These lives, bound by fate, unfold against the turbulence of the eighteenth century in a magnificent, uncompromising saga of love and the human cost of war.

Let the truth be told....

Scotland, July 1746: an army of occupation ravages the Highlands, committing atrocities with consequences that will reverberate across generations. From this bloody cataclysm, the battle-scarred English soldier Mordaunt saves an infant who will become his heiress and his obsession, and a traumatised Franco-Scottish laird, Ewen Stirling, offers refuge to a boy damaged by unspeakable horror.

These lives, bound by fate, unfold against a turbulent century in a magnificent, uncompromising saga of love and the human cost of war.

CORONACH will be published in trade paperback on May 28, 2019.

CORONACH paperback publication May 28, 2019

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This is a wonderful period epic, firmly based within historical facts; the author obviously, meticulously researching everything from the uniforms, to the customs of the day, to the weapons and mode of warfare, all the way to the agricultural methods employed by tenant farmers during one of the most awful periods in Scotland’s past. It’s an education about the Georgian period set on an international stage. It’s brathtaking scenes and graphic descriptions make you live this book, rather than just read it. The characters are numerous, but all highly detailed and human. If you love a good literary adventure then you will really enjoy this epic novel.

by James Dickaty

"Coronach" possesses an uncommon quality of writing once referred to as literature with a capital "L". Today's reader must plough through many offerings to find anything comparable to its style and expansive lexicon.

I will not dispute the fact that the first few chapters will not impart any "warm fuzzies". The author is setting the stage, and enlightening the reader as to a most shameful and abominable, yet little known, time in British history. The Highland Clearances were Scotland's own version of a "holocaust", and the author pulls no punches in getting across the message as to the horrors of the time.

With a plot as rich as Dickens and a mood reminiscent of Hardy, this is a rare and powerful novel that satisfies. A brilliant book.

by Lorraine Morgan

I have never, ever read a book that has left such an impact on me as this one. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Beautifully researched and written, it charts the interwoven story of both aggressor and victim of the English occupation of the Scottish Highlands in the mid 1700s, and the rise and fall in the fortunes of both. The unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the invaders are so graphically related you can almost smell the fear and taste the blood. And you are left truly appalled. Yet out of this grows the most passionate of loves, destined to destroy all those it touches. The reader is dragged through such a vast array of emotions, it will leave you quite stunned. I can say no more than you simply must read this book. You will never find its like again.

by Debbie Stinchcombe

Kimberley Reeman's novel, CORONACH, cuts a broad swath through eighteenth-century history, charging through powder smoke across continents and the high seas in an unrelenting epic of love and war filled with human emotion and period colour. Reeman's debut is a master-stroke, with vivid, well-drawn characters making their way through the concluding battle between the Jacobites and the Hanoverians at Culloden, revolutionary France, and America's struggle for independence. Once cracked open, this book is difficult to put down.

by George Jepson, Editor, QUARTERDECK

A spectacular achievement... the pure poetry of the writing is a pleasure to read.

by Shuna Brown

The lessons that can be learned about history, and, especially about humanity (psychologically and socio-culturally) are simply extraordinary.... CORONACH is a masterpiece.

by Beth Garcia

A devastatingly dark opening and a heart-rending account of forbidden love, this book will stay with you long after you have finished it.

by Sarah, SLR BOOKS

A sweeping saga that uses the classic ingredients of any historical drama-- war and death and romance. Sparked by the failure of the '45, the story delves into numerous intrigues and personal dilemmas of the era and these are played out against the backdrop of the bloody and brutal realities of life in 18th century Scotland.


What a comprehensive, don't-put-this-down opening. And the background research must have been extensive. This surely was how things were.

by Gordon Weaver

CORONACH is a rare gem in today's field of literature, and I urge those with even a faint interest in history, drama and characterization to indulge themselves and take a literary voyage which reflects and speaks the truth about the complex web of history. Few books attain such a clear and authentic rendition of what really happened in Scotland during the 18th century, and the events and pressures which culminated in the Highland clearances. It is a book of global significance (as it touches Canada, the Caribbean, America and beyond), highly educational, and also an expression of a terrible beauty which is sadly too rare in our age of digital banality and distraction. The characters are finely crafted with much depth and realism, combining in all cases a balance of virtues and faults: the grey hue of reality. Reading it is reminiscent of the literary embrace from Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Hugo or Hardy. CORONACH will take an honoured place in my library.

by Derek Richer

A proper story, real and of substance. Dark and challenging at times but beautifully written and with a lot of hope, honour and courage shining through. Well worth a read.

by Paul Whiffen

Enthralling... a classic contrast between love and war, this is a mighty read that appeals to the reader's compassion and humanity.


Truth be told, upon completion of CORONACH-- the new paperback reissue of the terrific tale of Scotland's Highland genocide-- I struggled for words. I could describe the novel's soaring and sweeping storyline. I could outline the historical, political, military and socio-cultural context within which that storyline unfolds. I could detail the larger-than-life lives of those who inhabit that context. I could characterize the scribe's writing as clean, clear and concise. I could signal the significance of the work for modern audiences. I could explain why a book such as this is a worthwhile investment of time and headspace, or why it will tug on heartstrings. Truth be told, however, upon completion of CORONACH, I struggled for words. Except, perhaps, one: EPIC.

by Stephen Patrick Clare, editor-in-chief, CELTIC LIFE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, AUGUST 2019

Citation for CORONACH, selected as runner-up "Book of the Month", July 2019:

"Not a read for the faint-hearted. The aftermath of Culloden (April 1746) and this novel reflects the horror and violence suffered by the defeated Scots. There are graphic and explicit scenes, so not a book for a relaxing bedtime read... but it is a stunning novel that brought home the reality of what happened in the glens and Highlands. The best book I have read this year."

by "Discovering Diamonds" website and blog

I read this beautifully written book from cover to cover. I was enthralled, sometimes appalled but it was never in doubt that I would read it to its powerful conclusion. A triumph!

by J Mawson

I loved "Coronach", it's a stunning book. Not for the faint-hearted, but why should it be? Life could be brutal in post-Culloden Scotland.

by Maggie Craig, author and expert on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745

Kimberley Jordan Reeman

Kimberley Jordan Reeman was born in Toronto, and worked in Canadian radio and publishing before marrying the author Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent) in 1985. She was his editor, muse and literary partner until his death in 2017, while pursuing her own career as a novelist. She lives in Surrey, England.

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