Troubador Broadsword

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788038010

eISBN: 9781789011296

Format: Paperback/eBook

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George MacKay had returned to Scotland from fighting the Spanish in the protection of the colonies’ new state of Georgia with the 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot.

In despair he had signed forms in Inverness to join this regiment and travel to the America’s after the parents of the girl with whom he had fallen in love, had instructed their daughter to finish their relationship. On his return he had found employment in his old position in the solicitor’s office of Forbson and Forbson. After only several months back in Scotland he was now on his way to bury his father and elder brother, leader and next in line to the Clan MacKay, both of whom had been assassinated.

Even though he did not want or relish the position, he felt duty bound, as tradition demanded, to accept the Chieftainship of the Clan MacKay and to join the rest of his clan who would be crying out for revenge against the perpetrators of that dastardly deed.

After the murder of his father and brother, he becomes Lord of Reay. This is happening during a very turbulent time in Scottish history. There is a lot of action, rebellion, and intrigue. I loved that George kept Douglas close and Douglas did the same. Fiona Russel was the daughter of Dr.Russel and his wife. But they wanted her to marry better.

The descriptions were lush and vivid. The characters were believable and the things they had to go through would change anyone. It is amazing, how turbulent these times were and the amount of history that was being played out. I think the author did a wonderful job filling in the details and making the book mesmerizing. Well worth the time to read.

by Candy Briggs (via NetGalley)

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