Troubador Birgit’s Consequences

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800463288

Format: Paperback

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Birgit’s Consequences

A Morally Reprehensible Woman?


1970s, Calabrian Mountains, Italy. 

Andreas Kuhlemann is searching to find a place, a place he could call home. Born with a latent mental defect to a Norwegian receptionist and a German officer, after the war he was repatriated to his father’s town in Germany and from there, adopted by an Italian railroad worker. Always moving, always feeling lost. 

Meanwhile, Lorenzo Benedetta, who is searching for redemption, is Andreas's counterpoint. His search continues for forty hellish years, clawing his way back up after life kicks him down, determined to reach his goal. It's only when his unspeakable crime is brought to the courts that both men's stories come full circle. But will one find salvation and the other man's life have purpose, if only after death?

Did you ever wonder what happened to the Lebensborn children, those that were intended to fulfil the Fuehrer’s desire in creating a master race? This is the extraordinary story of one of them.

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