Troubador A Most Uncivil War

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893568

eISBN: 9781785896675

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Most Uncivil War


‘Over the course of the long, hot summer months Marianela is never far from the young man's thoughts. Pedro had been using his monthly trips to the market in Zaragoza as an opportunity to visit a gypsy girl in a brothel there, but from the moment Marianela arrives, neither the bordello nor the prostitute hold quite as much fascination for him.’

Beginning in 1917 and running across the twentieth century, A Most Uncivil War tells the story of a young man, Pedro, struggling with his position as a landowner and head of the house. Giving in to his adolescent desires for one night, he sets the family on a path that culminates in estrangement, irreconcilable lies, brutality, glimpses of utopia, executions and eventual tragedy.

A Most Uncivil War is based on the true story of the hundreds of thousands of people that gambled their lives during the Spanish Civil War, fighting for a just and equal world, and who eventually paid the ultimate price in the first line of defence against the fascist axis. It tells the ideological struggle of the 20th century projected on to a canvas of a simple farming family in rural Aragon.

A Most Uncivil War represents the trials and tribulations of the Spanish population at a time when fascist insurgents and revolutionary anarchists were at war in the villages and cities. This book offers a view into the Spanish Civil War that is often overlooked in fiction, and will appeal to fans of historical novels, as well as those with a strong interest in Spanish history.

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Nicolas  Lalaguna

I was born and grew up in North London. I left state education at seventeen and was soon working in sales in the IT sector. After nearly ten years in IT, I moved into the not-for-profit sector, via marketing and public relations, where I continued to work for major charities for a further ten years. Since 2002 I have been writing essays, articles, reviews and novels. I have recently started collecting all of my previously published non-fiction in one online repository at . It is taking a little while as I have been writing for some time now.

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