Troubador The Work and Life of David Grove

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781785892882

eISBN: 9781788033831

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Work and Life of David Grove

Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge


In the 1980s David Grove devised a technique called Clean Language for healing patients with traumatic memories, such as child abuse or wartime trauma. The process enabled patients to resolve the effects of their experiences through visualisation and metaphor. He converted the work into a spatial technique called Emergent Knowledge and his techniques have attracted practitioners from all over the world including the UK, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. Performance Coaching pioneer Carol Wilson worked with David until his death in 2008, developing courses to train coaches and business psychologists to use his methods in the workplace, in order to relieve mental blocks and limiting behavioural patterns such as fear of public speaking, bullying and thwarted personal potential. 

This book is the most comprehensive work so far published about David Grove and contains a record not only of his work with Carol, but with leading practitioners across the world, including detailed descriptions of techniques, case histories and biographical details of David’s life. Performance Coaches and Leadership Practitioners will be able to enhance their existing techniques by incorporating ideas, methods and principles from this book. It will help experienced and potential practitioners to gain an overview and a history of David Grove, and to know where to go for further research and learning.

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Carol  Wilson

Carol Wilson is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, the Association for Coaching, and the Professional Speaking Association, is on the Global Advisory Panel at the Association for Coaching and is a Trustee to the non-profit MOE Foundation, where she provides free coach training programmes for underprivileged young people and the African Prisons Project.

A multi cultural expert, Carol has provided coaching and leadership programmes in 33 countries for organisations including IKEA, Philip Morris, England Rugby, the NHS, the BBC, DSM, Kent County Council, Hilti and NCR, and manages our team of multi-lingual trainers. She has won and been nominated for several awards for coaching and writing; she authored Performance Coaching, a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training featuring Forewords by Sir John Whitmore and Sir Richard Branson, and The Life and Work of David Grove: Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge. She has contributed to six other books and published over 50 articles.

Carol experienced the value of a coaching culture at first hand during a decade working at board level with Sir Richard Branson at Virgin. Later she held board level positions with Island Records, Warner Brothers and Polygram. During this time she signed many famous artists including Sting, The Buzzcocks, the Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Martha and the Muffins, Tom Petty and Iggy Pop. Since entering the coaching field in 2000 she has studied with thought leaders including Nancy Kline and Tim Gallwey, and collaborated with Sir John Whitmore and David Grove.

Carol worked with Clean Language creator David Grove from 2005 until his death in 2008, creating Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge courses which could safely be undertaken by coaches. These courses are still delivered today on

Carol is a keynote speaker at conferences worldwide including The HR Summit Budapest, HRD London, the Asian Emerging Leaders Summit Hong Kong, Guts for Change Mumbai, Catalyst Australia, the Coaching in Education Conference Hong Kong, and the China Executive Coaching Conference Shanghai.

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