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Life Matters

Confronting the Challenges of Our Time

by Colin Murray
Released: 28th September, 2023
While there’s no way to avoid sorrow, adversity, betrayal or distress in life, there are ways to help smooth the rough waters and regain a sense of joy, peace and purpose.

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In Life Matters - Confronting the challenges of our time we see distilled experiences and reflections of a humble and spiritual working-class man. This is an honest depiction by the author, someone who has had to deal with many challenging and painful struggles in his sixty years of life.

In a wide range of blogs, devotionals and articles accumulated over many years of prolific writing in the pages of Life Matters, the author explores themes centred on the best and worst of human nature with much clarity and a rare honesty. Topics range from life controlling behaviour to freedom in the Spirit, from human loss and rejection to hope and acceptance. It also covers topics such as envy and insecurity, grace and confidence, anguish and despair, true joy and hope - it's all there!

The author's wit, humour and carefully crafted words will help you find encouragement from Jesus Christ, appropriate to the happenings and thoughts that are part of being human. These words would have carried heavenly anointing whenever they had been penned. You will find, in the multitude of diverse subjects close to every one of us, good reason to return and dip into this book time and time again and in the years to come.

Not written in a deeply theological manner, this book will appeal just as much to the committed Christian as it does to the casual agnostic or open-minded seeker. Each reading leaves a message of hope in even the most desperate of circumstances.

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