Troubador Dr Rocket's Talk Yourself Slim with the Self-Chatter Diet

Released: 28/06/2014

eISBN: 9781784627706

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Dr Rocket's Talk Yourself Slim with the Self-Chatter Diet

Behaviour Focused Weight-Loss Success


This book is ‘The Answer’ to the world’s steadily increasing obesity epidemic. Talk Yourself Slim with the Self-Chatter Diet was written from John Richardson’s childhood observations of his grandfather and mother. His grandfather was slim, and a naturally healthy weight, whereas his mother was not, and this was the true cause of her early disablement. Diets don’t work, do they? Not conventional, out-of-date, orthodox, restrictive diets – these are one of the fundamental instigators of obesity in the world today, fueled by the same diet industry that masquerades as a ‘solution provider’. It is not food that makes people overweight, but the behavioural manner in which food is eaten, and until obesity is addressed and treated behaviourally, no solution will ever be found. In this book you will discover the true cause of obesity: beliefs, habits and associations. Richardson first provides a way in which these rogue behaviors can be identified. He then questions them and challenges them, allowing readers to form a general understanding of a method through which they can be changed. Talk Yourself Slim was written to facilitate permanent weight-loss success, and nothing more. This simple yet highly effective method is uniquely innovative in its approach, ideal for anyone fed up of diets that don’t work, who wants to lose weight and keep it off!

Dr. Rockets (TM) Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet is the revolutionary new book by pioneering weight-loss expert Mr. John Richardson. Published: 28/04/2014
Providing 'the answer' and 'weight-loss success!


Re : Talk yourself slim with the ChatterDiet I would be grateful if you could pass on my e-mail to John Riohardson. I have just read your book and feel that it is important to respond to the contents of the book. Congratulations for writing his book! It is so logical and and I have already "turned right" at your junction, so to speak. When one stops and takes in what you say, your approach is correct. Yes, as a mother I have been feeding my children 3 meals a day having been conditioned that this was the right thing to do. Only eat when you are hungry is so,so logical and I am finding it quite easy to follow, to my surprise. So I want to thank you for writing the book. Your reference to taking control, relaxing and re-visiting one's aims every morning + night really do make sense. very interesting also and shows just how we can all take control. I have already Acknowledged, am in the process of Reprogramming and have every intention to Succeed. Thank you once again for sharing such a brilliant approach - Heather

Re: Talk yourself slim with the self-chatter diet..... A good read and it makes a lot of sense just need to retrain our minds, which as you say we have all been trained that you eat three meals a day, hungry or not. I still remember being told I'm not leaving the table until I had eaten everything, that's just the way it was back then. Your Granddad was a great man. I would advise everybody with a weight problem or not to read your book it's just brilliant. Well done - Rachael

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John Richardson

If you're not happy with your weight then these could be the most

important words you will ever read....

Because food is not the fundamental cause of human obesity, but the behavioural manner in which food is eaten, answers the age old question of why food based restrictive diets always end in failure, because diets don't work, do they?

Dr. Rocket's (TM) Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet is a systematic method focused on behavioural change to achieve weight-loss success, offering the reader a simple yet highly effective answer to the worlds most unanswered question. This revolutionary approach removes all the myths that the insidious diet industry has cleverly put in place to form reliance on their unsustainable systems. Providing, in easy to understand language, 'the answer' and 'weight-loss success.'

John Richardson has become one of the UK'S leading authorities on the Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure to facilitate permanent weight loss. His successful and unique system has already been discovered by the celebrity world and he has accumulated an impressive clientèle of top ’A’ list personalities who are now enjoying the benefits of a dieting free life along with the production of a more healthy, positively-optimistic, lifestyle.

John became totally obsessed with wanting to help people live an obese free life and was bemused why others also couldn't see the obvious answer he could. Food is not the prime cause of obesity but the behavioural manner in which food is eaten is. Obesity is a chronic behavioural condition and until addressed and treated as such will continue to grow taking with it, its most vulnerable victims. With his burning ambition of saving the world from obesity through the changing of behaviours he trained as an Holistic Hypnotherapist with The National Association Of Holistic Hypnotherapists (NAHH) who's teachings are firmly based on Analytical Hypnotherapy – the foundations of a hypnotherapy practice. Later achieving Master Hypnotist With The British Academy Of Hypnosis (B.A.Hyp). His training as an Hypnotherapist gave him a greater understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind concept, and how beliefs, behaviours and associations can either make or break the quality of human life. Through the comparisons made as a growing child, between his mother and grandfather (J. A Laundon, 1909-2000 - see photo), created Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet - 'The Answer' and 'weight-loss success!'

John Richardson is the founder of The Feelbetterfast ‘Weight Loss’ Clinic,

( and also The National Behavioural Weight-Loss Programme (NBW-LP) (

.uk). He is one of the UK'S pioneering leading authority on The Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure (The Original Dr. Rockets™ Hypno-Gastric Band), promoting its use in behavioural change to facilitate permanent weight loss (The Lose Weight And Feel-Better-Fast System Of Natural Weight Management) and now amalgamating all his knowledge, skills and findings in creating, TALK YOURSELF SLIM WITH THE SELF-CHATTER DIET™ (, so now he can really help people live an obese free life, his obsession rewarded.

Dr. Rockets (TM) Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet, Evolved, Developed and Adapted from The Feelbetterfast Clinics Original Inner-Voice Therapy to reignite Natural Instinctive Eating, the one and only solution to human obesity!

John Richardson, Analytical Hypnotherapist, Behavioural Weight-Loss Consultant, Master Hypnotist.

John Richardson

Talk Yourself Slim With The Self-Chatter Diet
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