Troubador A Pinch of Spice

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789017373

Format: Hardback

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A Pinch of Spice

Indian Recipes from Home


A wonderful collection of Indian recipes for both the novice and experienced cook. 
Each recipe is illustrated and has been tried and tested on multiple different occasions. 
Indian menu planning from simple everyday dishes to more elaborate occasions.

What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Indian cooking? The flavours? The colours? The wonderful spices and aromas, perhaps? Or do you think, “I love the food, but I couldn’t cook an Indian meal. It’s too hard”? Trust me: it isn’t – and in this book, I’ll prove it! 

When Balwinder invites her friends round to eat, they jump at the chance: her impromptu lunches and dinner parties are a feast for the senses. Now she has written her amazing recipes down for everyone to try. 

From simple barbecued prawns to elaborate party dishes like chicken biryani, she takes you step by step through each recipe, including an outstanding range of vegetarian options, to help you create spicy, authentic and mouth-watering dishes.  

As Balwinder put this book together it became clear to her that recipes and ways of preparing food for your family and friends carry with them stories and histories which are just as important as the ingredients themselves. They are about cultures, individual family members and memories, both happy and sad; about the everyday, special celebrations and love. The recipes create a shared history that is constantly evolving. 

 This celebration of Indian cuisine will give you great pleasure and is, as well as being an excellent recipe book, a fascinating social documentary of the daughter of Asian immigrants to England in the second half of the 20th century.

Bal's book is beautifully put together and is a fitting tribute to Aman.
All her hard work and dedication,have definitely paid off x

by Atika Kapila

Fabulous book. Very easy to follow and lovely to read the origins and family stories behind the recipes. Dishes are elegantly spiced rather than just 'hot' and every one we have tried (about 10 so far) has been delicious.

by Dan Cobley

I am really loving making the recipes from this beautifully produced and very personal cook book!
The little insights into Balwinda’s family and childhood and the comments are charming and never over done and it’s great to have lots of vegetarian options.
Mostly I don’t bother with cookery books and use recipes from the internet but this book has got me looking forward to cooking lots of dishes I would never have considered.
Highly recommend!

by Helen Bottomley

Balwinder Kapila

Bal's Kitchen is the creation of Balwinder Kapila, an avid home cook, recipe book writer and proud Punjabi.

Having grown up as a first-generation Indian in the UK, food and family were the foundation of a childhood full of memories of simple Indian cooking.

Balwinder's first book, "A Pinch of Spice" aims to recreate those memories in over 90 authentic recipes.

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