Troubador A Pescatarian’s Paradise

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803132945

Format: Hardback

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A Pescatarian’s Paradise


Fish is a delicious and healthy food option, but many people find cooking it quite daunting, tending to default to a limited range of well-tried dishes. Alison Howe is here to inspire cooks to change that in her debut cookery book, A Pescatarian's Paradise. In this book, Alison encourages readers to create tasty seafood dishes packed with flavour, based on a wide range of cooking styes, including recipes for everyday meals and for special occasions. It provides the technical and cooking support needed to give readers the confidence to try something different and which tastes way better than they thought possible with a fish dish!

This book focuses on fish caught in British coastal waters, and therefore widely available. Through the use of appropriate herbs, spices and cooking techniques it creates dishes that the author has personally enjoyed while travelling in regions as diverse as SE Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and North America. There are tips throughout the book anticipating issues that the reader might encounter, and ensures first-time success with each new recipe. This will make preparing these dishes stress-free, fun – and a pleasure to eat. There is also a Store Cupboard section which provides details of where the more unusual ingredients can be sourced from widely available supermarkets, and online.

All author proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK to help further their critically important work to further our understanding of what causes cancer and to improve the outcomes of patients.

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