Troubador The Witch, The Ghost and The Demon

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781803133089

Format: Paperback

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The Witch, The Ghost and The Demon


A self-illuminating white ribbon spiralled in the gloom. Appearing slowly as though Kismet had willed them into existence, the ribbon became a T and a C. As they approached her they quivered and more letter appeared until the ribbon read:
Terms and Conditions.

Attracted by an illuminated white ribbon, Kismet receives a supernatural contract in a rabbit’s burrow. As she traverses the Terms and Conditions, Kismet comes face to face with a fallen angel Targa, a giant with blind eyes and gnarled horns who triggers Kismet’s process of remembering lifetimes long forgotten. She also meets Sueth, a demon smeared in the charcoal of ceremonial fires and must make the uncomfortable decision of whether or not to free the demon from bondage. The ghost of a teenager warns her that a demon of biblical shape named Bub, is out to kill her. The only way Kismet and the ghost can defeat Bub, is to unite but how does a witch and a ghost become one?

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