Troubador The Seer

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838592387

eISBN: 9781838597658

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Seer

Dragonslayer – Book Two


After leaving the royal court, Tallen finds herself drawn back to the politics of a kingdom increasingly beset by war. The return of her father’s sword comes at the price of reclaiming her heritage as a Dragonslayer, while the stakes for both her personal and her prince’s freedom are becoming increasing costly. 

Sent on a covert mission from her king, Tallen travels to obtain information regarding the stolen Empathy Crystal. However, Tallen soon discovers that there are other plans for her that involve her bloodline and her claim to a potentially lethal weapon. The journey becomes increasingly dangerous as others scheme to control the destructive potential of her Dragonslayer ancestry, resulting in battles with pirates and northern raiders. Her personal enemy, Villermir, is also never far from causing trouble as he learns to control the Empathy Crystal, harnessing its devastating force to crush her. 

While the monotheistic patriarchy of Baila extends its tendrils into the souls of new believers, daemons and the old Gods start to take a more active role in the lives of men. Tallen finds wonders and miracles hidden in her Empathy bloodline, and a strength and resilience in her Dragonslayer blood. But dark shadows are now gathering that will require further exploration of her magical inheritance.

War, political intrigue, magic, threats and personal danger are enough for anyone, but they become especially compelling when viewed through the eyes of Tallen, the young girl descended from Dragonslayers, and heralded as a potential saviour of her people.
The sheer humanity and depth of the characters developed by Jules Cory, bring to life the fantastical and magical. Following Tallen through the complexity of the world she inhabits, the reader is drawn in and captivated, rather than being a cliched page turner, the pages disappear as the world comes to life with the richness of a living environment.
This is a book I will use with students, In fact I have already recommended it, and the the previous work 'Dargonslayer Book 1: The Bard', on the library page as a way of forgetting the isolation we currently live in.

by Paul

A new and definitely unique heroine. A seven year old girl that is quite suddenly orphaned and inherits her father's sword. Great character development and world building. You are transported magically to another time.
This opens up a whole new world for Tallen and she has to quickly learn how to negotiate her way and also develop her powers.
This is the second book in a wonderful trilogy. If you have not yet read The Bard, the first book, I recommend that you read it before The Seer. I cannot wait for what happens next.
Magic, dragons, Gods, and warring factions. This has it all.

by Marilyn

Jules Cory

During my career as a veterinary nurse, I have played with my love of words and writing by submitting professional journal articles.

A mid-life crisis was the catalyst to write my first novel, and submerse myself fully in the realms of myth and folklore, wizards and dragons.

Book 2 - The Seer - is currently being processed with Matador, and has a release date planned for early 2020. The conclusion in book 3 has begun and is on target for a release sometime around 2022.

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