Troubador The Hourglass

Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800462977

eISBN: 9781800469099

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Hourglass

The Turning


Manifested out of ancient folklore, the Hourglass must be turned to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Should the Turning fail, the Alternate Prophesies decree Chaos would rule, hastening an inevitable Armageddon. The Turning can only be implemented by the Foundling and this is where the story begins. 

Raif, a boy with a passion for clocks and no inkling of his future has a recurring vision of colossal waterspouts unaware this vision is shared by the villainous Darke. He is chosen as the Foundling Elect to succeed Canatu who is mysteriously murdered. Darke, having been instrumental in this murder, desires power absolute and to achieve this has to prevent the Turning but where is the Hourglass hidden? And will it be found in time?

Drawn in by a gilded clock gifted to him, Raif is flung into the adventure of a lifetime while being hunted relentlessly by Darke and his evil forces. He has cause to call into question the improbability of coincidence as he’s catapulted from the Dorset countryside to the terrifying catacombs below Paris and finally to the barren shores of the Arrid Sea and a spectacular showdown. But is this the end or just the beginning…

THE HOURGLASS is a delightful and intelligent fantasy adventure. I suggest that it would suit ages from young teens and above. It is beautifully written with well-conceived and visionary ideas. I loved the idea of the main protagonist Raif and his fascination with clocks. His goal or ambition was to own a grandfather clock, so little did he know what was just around the corner.
The characters are well described and full of depth. Our initial meeting with Raif and then Dina sets the tone for some marvellous characterizations. Anakee, Gideon, Pythia and Motto especially are superbly portrayed as good guys. (I will never look at a Bumblebee the same way ever again.) And besides Darke there are some distinctly revolting bad guys equally well depicted.
The storyline of order versus chaos may be a bit of a cliché, but then, most great stories need a few good clichés. So, do not be surprised to find a few written into this narrative. Good vs Evil, hero child with ailments etc.
The novel employs multiple narrators, and dialogue is excellent, plus it is interlaced with bouts of banter and humour. There is plenty of action throughout the book, and although the pace is not relentless, it is not far off. Each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next so, the book is very intense and consuming. I found the time flying by and ended by reading the book in two sittings.
The descriptive writing is excellent as the author paints vivid picturesque scenes throughout the narrative. The author captures all the essentials of a good fantasy novel and weaves them into an enthralling and inventive read. There are so many good things about this book that it is hard to put them into words without giving away spoilers. But, and I know it is a bit sad, the book started off on a high for me as it mentioned 'football' and did not pander to the ever-growing usage of the term soccer.
The conclusion was phenomenally brilliant. Also because it leaves Raif open for further adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed The Hourglass, and I recommend it to young teens and adults alike. The Hourglass was a pleasure to read and I look forward to the next instalment.

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